Sunday, September 07, 2008


HI everyone

Hope you are all doing well . Its been one crazy week here. I will just list the choas we have had lol.

Family had to come from la to stay with us for a while thanks to MISTER GUSTAV.
We enjoyed our family but its so nice to get back to the normal life we share.

I had to re work my classroom schedules again i am hoping this time i got it down. I love working with my co worker she is awesome. ITS going to be a great year .

Bailey Got his first mark in class. No i wasnt easy on him because i believe he knew what he was doing and he could of choosen right or wrong and he choose something that is not acceptable in our home. So i am hoping we kicked it in the butt and he will do well in his class.

Scouts are starting up YAYYAY. I just wish more people would HELP OUT with their sons activites instead of depending on leaders to do it all .
I cant wait to meet all my new boys.

Russell is going for a interview on tues so i am praying (please pray for us ) he gets this job. IT WOULD DO WONDERS in our marriage, bills, family life.
We struggled for five years with chapter 13 that i am praying we can start over a new leap.

We cleaned the house from top to bottom cleaned carpet etc. NOw i am working on doing the master room (what a night mare when your office is in your bedroom ) but hoping he gets his job we will gt some shelfing going on in the room so it would look better.

Well thats about it LOVE YOU ALL have a blessed weekend .