Monday, May 28, 2007

savings for week one (june )

of my goal for the month of june since friday is the first and i only shop on monday or tues i will consider this my first week
total both trips to krogers125.00 coupons and deals 69.00 total i paid was 54.00
i got
8 rolls of owens sasuage rolls1 free razor solei FREE
2 packages of starburst FREE
6 boxes of betty crocker potato mixes FREE
6 boxes of betty crocker suddely salad FREE (the ranch and bacon is SOOOOO GOOD)
3 boes of pilsbury brownie mix FREE 4 boxes of Post cereal for .50cents a boxk and you get 4.00 off at the register if you buy four
Pluse they had cooking oil on clarance for 2.39 on the bottles they had coupons for .50cents off so that doubles so i only paid 1.39 for a good size pure vegg oil .
OH and they had two baskets of floral stuff on clarance i found this cute sunflower decor for 2.00 ITS CUTEEEEEEEEEE ALL the items above were bought with coupons Just wanted to share Juliet

Friday, May 25, 2007

June Goal and Doings

OK i am going to give my self a goal . You all know i am into savings and i run my own yahoo group for coupons. Well i join the grocery game site a few months ago and i got to say my stockpile is getting good. Its getting to the point i cant find anything to buy with my coupons. Well this month coming up my goal is to take the estimated amount of around 100.00 a week i spend down to 50.00 or less. Yes its possible . So thats one goal i am working towards. (if i make it for the whole month i might get my new printer all in one that i so badly need. Next goal is my weight as always but i am watching (diet wise lol) what i eat and plan on working at gym and track . and STAYING UP AND MOVING instead of being a couch potato.

We are doing well Bailey starts summer school next week and june. So we will be busy with that Pluse we are going to the Crosby Community Center once a week for Childrens summer program (ITS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN ) . Then we will do the normal of outings zoo, resale shopping, chuckie, park, swimming etc.

Well i am off just stopping to say hi

PS IF you don't want your coupons i can and will use them i do send the ones that mail them to me their postage stamps back in return (new ones )


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bailey's is a GRAD

WOW is it already been Five years ? WOW WOW i cant believe it Tomorrow night i will watch my First Born Cross the stage as a PROUD GRAD of Kindergarten . I know its just Kindergarten BUT ITS A MILE STONE he has made. I am so Proud of him . My kids are the WORLD TO ME . HE worked really hard this year (sadly he is having to take summer school for extra credit) BUT HE DID IT . He had a great teacher who is retiring (she was around when i was going to elem school) . She will be very muched missed. I know this year was a learning experience for him as well as me . CONGRATS MY SWEET BOY MOMMY LOVES YOU and will always be there for you .

Well its official i am off for the summer , What am i going to do you must ask lol WEll according to the gas prices i will be spending ALOT of time at home with kids , cleaning, and working on lessons. I refuss to give my money to the gas prices lol . I will also be working on my diet.

Well my goal is to keep this updated better then i have done in the past.