Saturday, October 31, 2009


I hope this finds you all warm . It's pretty chilly out there. Karley has her last game this morning (sorta glad its almost over with too much drama with those parents out there ....think they should do their own game ) . Then i will come home and pick up and get kids ready for trunk and treat. Then come home and throw the candy away lol. (you would too if you saw the dentist bills i got on monday for these kids )

Its going on 11months and i started my journey at 296lbs and now i am down to 177lbs .

Now according to my Doctor he wanted me to stop at 165 so with that said i would only have 12lbs to go but i want to beat that and i want to go down to 140 so i have 37lbs to go i am so excited. I have set me a goal of doing this by Dec 29 so i am hoping with my best friend estban(mentor in support group ) and me working on this i will be able to get it off before then. I just hope i am strong enough with the holidays coming up that i can do this. I have to put my mind to it and pick the right foods and not the wrong. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS I KNOW I CAN I CAN I CAN ICAN >>>>>>>

Ok off here to get ready for game. HOpe you all have a safe Halloween and watch out for the kiddos.


Ps pictures of kids coming soon ............

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Prayers please

friends hope this blog post finds you all well and warm.(dont you love this cold weather ) .......

Well i had a quiet weekend with my great kids. I am doing well. I went shopping and found my self looking at plus size clothes.......gosh if i knew the mental thing would never go away i am not sure if i would of had the surgery .....well i probably would but gees why cant my brain tell me i am in skinny folks area .......Well i bought karley some jeans and jump suit(she really needs pj's but she doesnt wear them so we got a jumpsuit instead she needs it for cheer) .

Tues i am going to see Dr Champion please say a prayer for me . I am actually very worried and scared about this visit (female check up its been 6 years ) but i have a few things going on in my body and need a doctor's two cents. Also i want her to check my cyst that i have had and see if it needs to be removed now that i have lost so much weight.

So if you can spare a prayer please . THANK you

We have a busy week this week so you might not see much of me posting .

have a great WEEK stay warm and dry


Friday, October 09, 2009


yep guess you thought i dropped off some wheres lol. No just been busy plus sick .NO i didnt kiss a pig its just those wonderful kids who are sent to school sick and pass it on lol. My kids had a small bug too i am sure everyone will soon be sick .

karley is well. She is cheering again tomorrow GO RAZORBACKS

bailey is well. He started his new scout group . SO far so good.

I am well . My updates are

started Dec29th 2008 at 296
Today October 9th 2009 i am at 181
According to doctor i have 16 lbs to go 165
but according to MEEEEEE i have 41 lbs to go.

So i will let my body decide where it wants to stop at.
Today i am in a 12 waist and xlarge or large size. 9months ago i was in a size32w and a 3x size.................. WOOHOOO

I am loving my NEW ME

love you guys(gals)