Saturday, November 29, 2008

4:09am (YIKES)

OK its sat and i am up very early. I have so much on my brain that i guess i couldnt sleep. This month is going to be like a spinning wheel. Having all theses screens done with in two weeks. Most likely i will be put on protein shakes and water starting around the 8th of the month. So i been asked ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY? Well YES I DO but my question is am i strong enough to handle it ..............OH friends tell me yes i am and i feel i am but it is a emontioal journey. There will be TONS and TOns of things i will never eat again or cant unless i am willing to have DS(dumping sickness this is what they call it in the world of surgery ). WEll i dont like being sick so i will be watching every little thing that goes in my mouth. ALso on having this surgery i will be watching my body's Vitamin intake. Taking vitamins with the outcome of this surgery is a MUST or you can get very sick. YES i am learning how to take HORSE PILL size vitamins and i am on my third day and i am doing pretty well . WEll with that said i am off to take my horse pills and start some laundry . Please pray my ins will approve me SOON LOVE JULIET

Ps OH means friends
DS is DUMPING this is what they call it when you eat the wrong foods and you get very ill for a few hours . JUST one bite can make you very sick if you eat the wrong foods

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black day

WOW i am still at home. I decided to NOT fight the deals at the stores today. So instead i stayed home with my kids. I will go later to get a tree but thats it.

HOpe for those that went out didnt get too crazy in the crowd lol.

Well Thanksgiving dinner was ok . ITs basically was my last holiday dinner for a while.

Well dont have much to say so i will close. Please keep me in your prayers i have a few long days ahead of me . Pray that my surgery will get set and ins will NOT give me any troubles on it. Just pray for my doctor and staff as well as me and my journey of a new life style.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


I just took my first drink of BOOST drink. Please tell me there is something that tastes better lol. I cant see my self drinking this for TWO WEEKS only . I am going to end up living on water for two weeks probably . I am a person who never takes medicine unless i am dieing or cant breath(bad cold etc) . I dont take anything chewable (though i am having to now ) or liquid.............................. PLEASE give me good vibes it will get better. They wanted me to start getting my self use to it and so i bought some to try . Because i am haveing to watch what i eat now and stuff because my surgery is coming up quick (after ins aproves). Because we are beating a deadline of Dec 31st .

Ok enough rambling ....................i got to get this stuff down then vitamins............................GOD HELP ME LOL



Wednesday, November 26, 2008


OH my gosh THEY ARE GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I have never chewed vitamins and now i have to ............ I know its worth it but GOSH cant they make them taste any better lolol.

WEll hope you all have a great day . I am off to shop with family and then come home and get Christmas stuff out


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Screens today

Ok well i went to psycho doc and took a 370 question test . OH MY GOSH what STUPID questions they asked. Then we went to Dr Scarborough's office to get some class and test done . Well it was wrong information and appts so I ended up seeing the doctor and then a nurtion class so i will know what to expect and what diet i am on. Basically i am having to slowing take myself off of FOODS YIKES. I got my special vitamins i will take rest of my life. SO i start those tomorrow.

I go Tues to get a ultrasound done on my heart. Then Friday morning i will be put to sleep for them to take a scope and put down my throat and look at my stomach . After that i believe lab work and then ins will get contacted.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO please say a prayer for me that all goes well with ins



Support Group


I think i met the greastest support friends i could ever have. You guys cracked me up . THANKS SPRITE, STEVEN, Becky and Jasmine. YALL were so funny and had lots of information. Cant wait to see you all again.

I PASSED my stressed test now i go tues for a ultrasound. I sure hope all this testing is almost done lolol.I am so ready for surgery

Ok Well off today for two more test.

Yall be sweet

Monday, November 24, 2008

Journey BEGINS surgery


Well i have started my journey. I went to the seminar that is required and then i have been to the heart doctor today . Yeah I didnt know what they were going to do until i got there. The treadmill and me made best friends lolol (Stress test) . Then they checked my heart and now i go on tues to take ultrasound of my heart.

Tomorrow I go for the pysho test then i go to the diet doctor and then diet class. What fun.

I am getting excited wish the surgery would just get here. I am ready to start a new life and new journey. I have talk to some wonderful people on my new message board i am going to . And cant wait to meet them at the support group meet.

Thank you all who is at OH who has answered my silly questions .

Well i am off to get things done
Have a blessed Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breakfast sandwich sausage and cheese

Lunch soup, pickle, rice cakes

supper salad and topping

snack gs nuts

have a safe day

Monday, November 10, 2008

WOW what a week

Hey friends

We are all enjoying the wonderful cool air now with fall here. I hope this finds you all well and happy. I was sick last week with a very bad sinus infection and lost my voice. Boy it was strange not having a voice. Now i went to doctor today with another issue lol i have a infection. I will spare the details but just know its a very discomfort feeling and i hope none of you ever go threw it lol.

Kids are well they are just getting excited about Christmas and Birthdays.
Well the diet is starting (doctors order) and lets just say WOW its going to be a struggle but i will do it . At this point in my life i have NO choice .

So i have been reading alot of blogs lately on diets and menus etc so i thought about sharing with you my details in diet . So my diet has to be 1200 calories and a walk ( no walking next few days though thanks to the rain) and drink nothing but water or sugar free stuff.

So here is my menu

Breakfast egg and piece of lunch meat, or sausage
Lunch Can of soup with 4 strawberries, string cheese
Supper chicken salad and toppings
Dessert 1/3 of gs nuts

Not sure the calories but with the way i feel i really haven't been eating like i should But i think i am in my calories rage . I am learning all this calorie stuff so bare with me.

Ok so keep me in your prayers for my family and me and my health i have to get on track with this diet or i will be dead like most of my family in the pass or will end up having more health issues then i can deal with .