Friday, August 21, 2009

so much just not enough time to share

WOW its been almost a month since i updated... SORRY..

My life is like a bouncing ball lately i am asking that you all keep me and my kids in your prayers as we go threw some tuff time.

i am at a stopping point at the moment 107lbs lost . But thats ok i am not going to beat my self up . I only got about 45ish to go. I lost that 107 in 7 and half months so i am not going to fuss. I am doing great. Still having struggles on making my self eat . I am going to start back at the gym when school starts this week . Monday i have a facial i am going to get done at the gym;s salon........ never had one so i hope i like it .i am treating my self right now in my life i need it .

has a very bad ear infection (yes three days before school starts) so she is on meds plus her skin issues started back up and now she is on cream steroids Can you say oh fun lolol.

she is all excited about school monday . i like her teacher so i know she will have a great year.

Bailey is doing well he just got back from church camp .(did it do any good ask me later still trying to figure that one out lol)
He will be going to new school and new teacher so i am hoping he has a great year.

well thats about all ..........i am really down this week normally i would be getting my classroom ready i am missing my co workers and my past students. etc Praying i made the right decision to move on in life where i can make more money and get back on our feet.

well you all have a great school start. Sorry for all the bad grammar just not in the mood to scroll up and fix it all