Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please say a prayer

Guys for those that dont know my husband travels. Well he is on his way to Saltlake Utah and right now is stuck in a middle of a blizzard storm and winds. Please keep him and anyone else who is driving or in the weather right now Thanks

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

stopping to say hello

Hi all .

well its been four days and the scale hasnt MOVED i am ready to scream
Cant wait till weekend i will walk until my legs fall off lol

have a great weekend

Kim i am mailing your goodies on friday

Sheila i am bringing yours if i dont forget the million time to do so lol


Monday, March 23, 2009


ARGG do i have to go back to work ..................... OK I WILL GO LOL Hope you all have a great day . Not much to post scale still shows 60lbs lost have a great day Juliet

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i have been working on loosing the last few lbs to get to my goal. Well I DID IT THIS MORNING YIPPIE As of this morning i have lost 60lbs in 2 and half months....................i am so tickled. I have never (well that i can remember ) this small..I went to the doctor yesterday and he wants me to get to 165 with bmi of 30 or less.............i told him he was nuts my goal was 140 with bmi 24 ............ so guess i will let my body decide where it wants to be on the scale of weight. I redid my blood work yesterday now i just have to wait for it to come back. Thanks

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taking Chance

I just finished watching a movie called TAKING CHANCE. oh my gosh i cried threw the whole thing (main actor was Kevin Bacon) it was about a fallen soliders death and funeral.

I dont think any of us as americans really know what our men and women go threw out in those war zones . Yeah we know from history books, tv, and families who have had members in the service....................but do we really know what they go threw . I dont know and after watching this short movie i dont know if i really want to know .

Give thanks to our service folks if you see them in or out of uniform.............they dont make alot of money and they work harder then we all do in their job fields to keep us safe.

GOD BLESS our service folks



I am up got some vitamins in me. Yesterday wasnt great with my migrane but today will be awesome. We are bleaching my house, i am washing my bedding, cleaning, getting my tupperware stuff ready for my party on sat in baytown. I am planning to walk with someone this morning from my support group . My headache is gone finally.

Scale this morning


so so far my scale says 59 lbs lost WOHOOO

my next goal is to get to 200 which i am hoping by may i get there.

Ok yall go out and enjoy the weather today


Friday, March 20, 2009


Kim H guessed 45

and Sheila guessed 50 at the first then went to 42

(yall were the closest i couldnt just pick one )
SO THE WINNER IS>......................... BOTH of YOU WOHOOO

Kim please email me your home address to

Sheila i will get your prize soon

NOW guess you want to know what i lost lol

According to the doctors scale it was 240 i started my journey at 296 so 56 lost according to his scale.

According to my scale i weigh 237 meaning i lost so far 59 lbs

So i think i wil just stick to my scale reading lolol

Thanks for guessing

Doctor visit

Ok back

Still have a migrane but i think its getting better.

Ok Doctor visit went well. I had to get blood work done again . So i am hoping everything comes out well . I go back on June4

I told the doc how i hate and cant get protein shakes down me. HE said he would rather me eat high protein foods instead of drinking calories that are good and bad. So my intake of protein should be no less then 40 mg up to 60mg a day .

Also my goal is to weigh 140 the doctor said thats too low (i am not listening llalalalal ) lol he said he wants me to get down to 165 that would put me at a 30bmi or less.

According to my weight goal and bmi (24) would be skin and bones because of my height
So i am going to just go with the flow and see where i end up at.

SO last last last call any more guess
I will post in morning

hint two i am close to meeting one of the goals of lost in weight................


OK vibes from my doc

Well i went to doctor i got great answers and not so nice scale answers lol

But i have a major migraine so i am going to lay down ( i havent eaten all day )

But houston time tonight i will post the winner...................HINT some of you arent right on your answers you can guess again ..................but you all are very close
One guess under this post please.

Talk tonight


Today is the big day ............... My three month check up (actually its 2 and half months ) I am so excited....................but not happy i woke up and weighted more then i did yesterday lol. I gained about 8oz or more my goal today is walking , this weekend is walking to get to that big milestone i am trying to reach (shhh cant tell until i get back lol)

My goal for the next week is to drink my 64ozs every day ...............i have been bad i havent drunk anything else since dec 29th and its getting old ............i have tasted things but i havent actually drunk a glass of anything besides water.

Also my goal is to do more with the kids .......... even if its just reading a book or spending time in their room (NOW THAT THEY ARE CLEAN>>>>>>>>>THANKS TO ME ) lol

Ok guys cross your fingers for me i weight less at the doctors scales (his scale is always right lol)

Have a great FRIDAY

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tupperware Recipe (chicken)

Ok guys
(bottome picture is what it looked like going in ) then salsa then the cooked chicken then the oval baker i hate blogger the pictures are always mixed up )
I sell Tupperware and they have somthing called Oval Cooker......... if you dont have one you NEED ONE ........ Ok for those that know me i hate .....let me say it again I HATE touching raw meat..........even if it doesnt have legs and feet lol..

SO here it goes

You take a Whole chicken 3-4 lbs clean and wash it (thanks hubby )
Then you stick it in your oval cooker
Put your choice of seasons on it . ( YES SHEILA I TOUCHED THE DEAD THING LOL )
onion(half of one in side and then cut up rest and layed around it )
Rubbed our Tupperware Seasoning on it

Then you put the oval lid on it
and throw that sucker in the microwave and cook it for 35mins
Now my chicken at my show was way smaller maybe a 2-3 lbs chicken and it cooked in 35mins well this one was 5lb chicken so we put it in there for about 45mins

after we eat it tonight i will save rest and make chicken salad like i did last time.

Also i made homemade salsa with the same tupperware seasoning

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well i did loose a pound (wish it was more after all that walking i did ) lol

So Friday is my day to the doctor........... Remember the contest

It goes like this
How much do you think the doctors scale will say i have lost since my journey began in Dec?

If you are the closest to weight lost on sat morning at 8am Houston time) you just might get a surprise in your mail.

SO WHATS YOUR GUESS (post under this post in comments) .


Monday, March 16, 2009

Rodeo (I DID IT )

Ok we take the kids to the rodeo(carnival and petting zoo etc stuff ) and i walked the WHOLE DANG PLACE ...........even a two and half hour walk going back and forth in same place because my two kids and their father didn't listen to us when we said STAY HERE ..............OK that's whole another story lolol . But last year i sat MOST of the time while the kids rode or done activities because my back would hurt or my stomach would give me trouble etc. This year I WALKED THE WHOLE PLACE from 8ish this morning until 4ish today . Now i might of walked the whole time but i did come home with the MOST soreness legs and feet of my time...........but no back pain no sickness............... YIPPIE.

I am wind burn but i had the best time with family and my special sweet mom.

So hoping the scale shows all this walking in the morning lolol

Have a great Monday evening

before and after at 48lbs lost

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hope you all have a wonderful break. I have lots to do this week (including the doctor) but i might have to change the date though due to reason.

TODAY I have hit a HUGH MILESTONE in my weight lost................can you guess?

Dont forget the contest for friday i will still do it even if i reschedule my appt. So far someone was a little close but since then i have lost more......


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You will never be forgotten .........DAD

My heart is heavy but at the same time i know my father is in a better place then we are in . He left this world (march 9Th ) 9 years ago yesterday to be with our savior. I don't think you can ever let it go that your loved one is gone. I miss him more today then i did yesterday . Every day goes by and i wish he could of seen my kids born, me get married, me having wlsurgery. etc the list goes on. But i know though he wasn't here in person i know he was with me threw out my years of life in spirit.

My dad was a hard person to get along with but he was one of the MOST giving person i have ever met. (that's where i get my big heart from ) . My dad was far from being perfect but he had a rough life in his young years and i believe that had to do with how he was as a father and husband . Every one has their problems I know i am not perfect but i know i can learn from my mistakes and keep moving on because my lord will forgive me and help me move on the right way in life.

I LOVE YOU DAD. I miss hearing your cajun music every weekend, miss your cooking, miss your jokes.........the list goes on. I LOVE YOU



Ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle Clarance

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday 3/7/09


I am doing WONDERFUL. I had my grand opening last night for my Tupperware business. I am so grateful for the ones that came and had fun and ate some YUMMY chicken and salsa and potatoes and cake right out of the micro steamer set. I also have two bookings from this party so please say a prayer that my business will keep growing. I am really wanting to help our finances some since Russell's company got a pay cut. Please pray for my new job i will take after May. I will be driving a Bus and i just pray i can drive that big YELLOW THING LOL.

I am doing well on wls (weight surgery) . yesterday i just didn't feel well at all not sure what that was all about. So today i am going to run few errands then come home and enjoy the kids and my clean home and work on my Tupperware stuff .

If you would like to order please let me know .


Tupperware consultant
Mary Kay consultant

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Is your Marriage FIRE PROOF??


The movie FIREPROOF is out of this world. Where was this movie a few months ago. IT has just lifted me so much . I cried threw the whole thing not because of the movie but what was going on in the movie that was in my own personal LIFE. WOW oh WOW. I see a new light coming in my marriage that will only make it stronger in time.

IF you have something in your life that you know its a treasure but not sure how to get over the FIRES that are going on it ...............WATCH FIREPROOF. It's a movie totally on Jesus Christ and beliefs.

I cant wait to go get the journal book they have at the stores to do the study.

Well i am off think i will call hubby and chat with him and let him know I LOVE HIM he isn't perfect but we are NOT perfect and sometimes it takes a movie to tell ya that ............