Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SO what is going on with Julie ?

Well heres the scoop

For a while now i been having DIZZY spells and when i eat 10 mins later i am so tired i barley keep my eyes open i have to nap . and i been tired and i am not eating like i should and the list goes on . SO i made a appt today and went took 5 tubes of blood (results friday ) and ekg (it was good) .......... Got two meds one for when i eat and one for dizzy to see if they work ....

I am ok but we need to find out whats going on so maybe on friday i will know more. Please keep me in your prayers .......

SIde note is i asked the nurse to look up my last time there it was Nov of 2008 a month before i had surgery and i weighted in at 301lbs
so if we went by the last doctor visit i have lost 136 lbs ...
if we go by my surgery date dec 08 i have lost 132 lbs so not a really big difference but i like the 136 lol

Still working on the last 25lbs i want OFF

Have a great spring break


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am still alive lol

Did you wonder what happen to me lol.. I am well and doing great.

Well i will be honest with ya up front i haven't been honest on my new life eating and healthy habits lately ....... But i am now back on track and working on it .

Starting April i will go a full month for lunches on bento box lunches. (look up bento boxes if you don't know what i am talking about .) Each day i will record what i am eating on this blog. I am still sitting at doctors goal of 165 but i would like to loose 25 lbs more and stop for good and maintain a healthy eating life.

SO be watching for up coming meal planning. I will do bento for lunch and fruits or oats etc for breakfast and soups or light food items for supper. Plus when i don't have errands etc to do after work i will hit the schools track and walk for 45 mins. Also until school lets out i will try and get to gym at least twice or once a week not including my track walking. My schedule is so chaos that it will be very hard to get work outs done but i will find a way .

I am doing well over all but i have notice i am not eating the way i should or want to so i am going to kick my self back into it .

I will not be counting calories etc on this diet plan . I will be watching HOW MUCH and WHAT i eat . I think alot of us watch too much the calories etc then the amount now i am not saying i am not going to watch calories at all i am just not going to focus on it as much as i will on what and how much i eat and the sugar intake ( i cant have much sugar intake )

SO i plan to start in april but until then i plan to start walking track and eating healthier things now but going to start hard core in april .