Friday, March 31, 2006


hi everyone well i have one kid gone tonight and one home yaya so me and karley went to joe's crab shack with a friend and her daughter and ate shrimp yummy . now i am home with a big fat headache argg. so it wont be long before i go to bed. then tomorow thinking of going to lowes to find a hanging plant for my porch but we will see i might do some spring cleaning instead. chat soon hugs juliet

hi sheila

lol yes we know you have a good class too lol. for all that doesnt know who sheila is she teaches the bigger class of twos . i have the small class.

ok schwans is here so i am GONE well after my show lol juliet

waiting argg

dont you just hate waiting on someone i am waiting on schwans guy just because i have to go somewheres he isnt here like normal. well kids are being them selfs so they are both in their room and i just finished washing dishes i wanted to tell yall about there was a student who touched my heart just like his parents he was also in my wedding. Its so great to watch someone grow from small to a big boy that jonathan is he is such a sweetheart. well his mother started making candles the year i was teaching jonathan(RIGHT PAM?) and these candles are so awesome i love them they are basically the only candles i use besides my air freshener machines and plug ins lol. i buy the candle tarts (long story lol i cant buy jar candles ) lol and i put them in the pot and it will smell my house all day long i love them. and i love the fact they are sooooooo strong meaning the smell stays .
Well i am off to watch my all my children soap it kills me i cant watch it much now that i work four days week . Then guess if that schwans man isnt here i will go ahead and leave looks like we will have evening showers arggg . hugs juliet

Julie's life

Hey wanted to share with yall a great website its a past student(who i love so much ) mom who makes the BEST candles in the world . go visit she is a awesome lady juliet
Hey i think i figured it out lolol this is pretty neat thing i have heard about it but never thought i would sign up and do this how neat .

Well i am cleaning today and waiting to go to post office and bank and krogers (the normal friday duties) I hope you are alll have a great weekend. I dont have much plan except getting my classroom ready for april doesnt feel like i have taught a year yet but i have it and it has been so wonderful . let me brag some here My students are THE BEST did i tell ya THEY ARE THE BEST. I couldnt ask for better kids then the 10 i have. Well i will close now i am just playing to see how all this works but will post over the weekend hope to see some of you post on my blog (please nothing nasty or rude) GOD BLESS lovejuliet
Hi i am so new at this Just wanted to say hi to all of you . I am doing well kids are doing great. Will post when i know how to do this better this is just a test lol