Thursday, August 09, 2012

august (second week of menus)

HI folks

Here is what is going to be cooking up in our household next week ...

Monday King ranch casserole and salad

Tuesday chicken and bacon salads

Wednesday Sasauage and Potatos and cornbread and veggies

Thursday Easy grilled pork chops and grilled veggies

Friday chicken and rice and vegggies

Saturday Subs and chips (homemade)

Sunday Pizza pasta ??? not sure yet

also during the week we will be enjoying my homemade dill pickles that are ready to eat....they are yummy i will be canning again ..

Be blessed

Sunday, August 05, 2012

savings report for the weekend

Howdy folks

well didnt do much savings this week was busy painting karleys antique desk for her room

below is at family dollar

raid 3.00 had a cp 1.00

razors bic soli 5.00 cp 3.00

crystals 5.50 cp 1.00

advil 3.50 cp 1.00

cat food 3.00 1.00off

trash bags 5.00
karleys trash can zebra print 8.00

garnola bars 5.00 cp .50

all soap5.00

total is 40.00

cp for 5.00 off 25


total 30.50
if i didnt buy the trash can total for all the other items was 22.50

i didnt think this was too bad....

also got bubbles for karley at krogers for .50 best time to buy things like this or outdoor items is now cause stores are getting ready for hoildays items so they got to get the summer stuff out....

love juliet

ps if you have coupons you dont wont please send my way if you dont mine thanks

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

menu for week of aug 6-11 enjoy

Hey yall

Here is my menu for august 6-11 I have decided i want to be more orangized in my family life and by doing this it teaches both kids many skills as well. So here is the menu i have came up with for next week. I am doing this one very early since this is my first week of planning so this week this weekend i can go and buy all the things for the weekly food menu..

Take note there are only three of us at home right now and i am not working right now so once school starts i am hoping to start doing meals that i can freeze as well .



b pancakes and eggs

l sandwhiches and chips and fruit

d pot roast and veggies and garlic bread


b grilled cheese

l leftovers or popcorn (homemade)

d chicken tortilla casserole


b boiled eggs and fruit

l leftovers or popcorn

d chicken and rice in crockpot salad


b poptarts and fruit

l burger day (library day so we will grab a burger while we are out )

d lefter over day (or soup and salad


b eggs and sasauge

l chicken and rice leftovers

d goulash bread and veggies


b cereal and fruit

l pizza or leftovers

d chicken stir fry and salad


b bacon / eggs

l pantry day (what ever you find you can have day lol)

d sloppy joes fries and veggies

I will be putting this on the ice box so the family can see what they are having for meals...if they dont like it OH WELL lolol....

I am also planning to do menus on a budget but since this is my first week i am going to see how it goes first...

I hope this all helps or guides yall in your family kitchen


Sunday, July 29, 2012

homemade bath salts recipes

here are some ideas and ways of making your own bath salts..I am going to try this week some time for my daughter and me to make this as a fun enjoyable thing to do together.....results to follow this week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

got this from the online web ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You can use any combination of salts
•1 cup sea salt (fine or course can be found in your grocery store)
•1 cup Epsom salt
•1-2 tablespoons of baking soda
•1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch
•2 tsp glycerin (a lot of times can be found in your grocery store)
•10-12 drops of essential oil or Fragrance oil-the best way to determine how much is enough is if you can smell it without bending down to the bowl you are good.
•Food coloring added a drop at a time until desired color is reached

1.Mix all ingredients together.

2.Use 1 to 2 cups in the bath, soak and enjoy.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

or my way is
mix a cup of epsom salt and sea salt and drops of oils till your choice of liking ..

homemade fabreeze

how to make your own fabreeze 1/8 cup of your favorite fabric softener 2table spoons of baking soda hot tap water to fill the bottle shake it to mix it all and boom you got your own fabreeze ENJOY
WOW has it been that long since i been here lol..Well a few updates i been busy with kids and we just moved to alvin texas ....its pretty much in the country ..and we are loving it.. I have decided to get back on the coupon,,saving wagon again and start making some homemade items to help lower the cost of things in our household....hope to hear from you all .... Julie

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring break

WOW where did spring break go
its already thurs and it seems like we just got off for spring break
We have had a busy week rodeo, shopping, outdoor fun and just enjoying each other. Folks dont forget we arent on this earth for ever .. SO remember tomorrow isnt a promise so make sure your heart is where it should be. and always give your loved ones HUGS and tell them what they mean to ya .

Tomorrow i go to the dr (bladder) i am praying and hoping for ANSWERS tired of running to the bathroom every two minutes(YES on bad days ) . Then i might take kids to the park . What pretty weather we are having here in houston reason to not be indoors.
Friday we are having a yard sale told kids what ever we make they will spilt it so they are getting excited .

Well as you can see i really have nothing certain to chat about cause i cant sleep so i got up and got online lol

so over look the grammer and just enjoy

have a great THURSDAY

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

12yrs march 9th, 2011

Just something i wanted to write and get off my chest I hope you all love your loved ones every day cause tomorrow is NEVER a promise neither is a second.....


Its been 12yrs tomorrow that you left this earth. I miss you every day. Wish i could of had one more hug one more kiss.... But i cant i can only hang on to the 21yrs of wonderful memories you left with me and my heart. I wish you could see your awesome grandchildren. They ask about you from time to time and its so hard to know they will never know you until they get up there in heaven with you and grand paw. I know with everything that has went on in my life good and bad you have watched over me from up above and i know with your love in my heart its what keeps me going in the rough times.As i sit here i am flooded in tears i miss you so much.
I know you were a stubborn man and sometimes didn't have a big heart on some issues. But deep down you ARE my father and was the best father you could and was to me and the family . Nobody is perfect we all have our ups and downs we must do the best to be the best we can with what we have. We weren't rich in money or material things back in the days but we were very RICH in love, and family and that's all we ever need in life. I LOVE YOU so much and i know one day when god is ready for me i will see you ... until then i hope you died knowing how much you met to me and how much I LOVE YOU even during the very ROUGH things i went threw and we went threw as a family ......


love your baby girl

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Part 2 of whats going on with Juliet

Ok so the lump was problem number ONE.. yeah you know how it is when one thing happens something else does too lol

Well i went to doctor in Jan cause i just couldn't stop peeing and having a discomfort so i went thinking i had a kidney infection well it was also time for me to get all my lab work drawn for my gastric surgery (suppose to have it done ever year or so ) . SO i told him i want lab work done plus i have minor dizzy spells pretty often.. SO he did 6 vials of blood YIKES i hate needles ...

well i get a call in 72hrs saying i was positive for LUPUS DISEASE and that i needed to come give more blood so i did 3 more vials get report LUPUS well when i talked to the wacky doc office they said oh no treatment nothing needs to be done ... WELL YOU ALL KNOW THIS SO DIDN'T GO ALONG GREAT WITH ME i was freaking out i have a DISEASE WHAT HOW etc so i cried my eyes out to mom (LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM) i was again thinking of the worst things etc ) started searching online etc .... so finally went to a lupus workshop giving by lupus foundation etc Then talked to my family and decided i would go to a specialist to get this all figured out and plus i am still having the bladder/kidney issue(not sure which is yet)

SO i went last week to the dr and he claims i dont have signs of lupus but i am a CARRIER for lupus he said doesn't mean i wont or will get it right now. SO he wants to follow me and in july (every six months) to do blood work for him etc to see where this goes .. He is referring me to a doctor that does treatment on kidney/bladder to see whats going on with that so i am still not out of the woods completely but i feel REALLY good that things are looking GREAT ...

He mention it could be extra skin that is hanging that is pushing down (WOOHOO if it is know what this means TUMMY TUCK LOLOL) or i have a overactive bladder

SO please still keep me in your prayers i know my god is going to open doors and keep my health perfect

so may 1st i will be walking at the lupus walk i so cant wait never done one before

love always

3months has been very testing for me

ALOT of you don't know this but 3months ago i felt a lump in my breast. Well i had one already on the other side and its been there for years was told it was NOTHING. well getting this second one and being older just kinda of made me scared.yeah i know don't be like that god has power over all but you know you would be the same way .

SO i had a apt last week and they were planning to do a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy .. yeah i wasn't too thrilled Plus i was going to the apt by my self so that even made it more scary ...

Weill they did the mammogram and they told me the Dr wanted to see me....YEP I WAS SCARED TO DEATH at this point and i just kept telling god i am not done being a MOMMY (my kids are my life and reason i live every day ) ...

well doctor tells me to sit down my legs started to shake he starts telling me all this stuff in medical term i am looking at him like he had lost his mind.... so he tells me i will see you in 7yrs and no ultrasound and biopsy WOHOOO awesome but what is the point to all this medical stuff so i walk out with the nurse and she tells me NO CANCER just calcium build up which is from your breast reduction (11yrs ago ) and NO worries you are fine...............i went to my car and CRIED YES I DID i know i should of not worried my self to sickness but i did so i am going to stop worrying so much.


THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING and those that didnt know i am sorry i just felt it was best nobody knew until i found out the details and if i had to break news to family i would be first


GOODNESS its been a long time lol

I hope you are all having a wonderful new year. Lots have been going on so i will catch everyone up soon on us . until then enjoy this awesome day


ps will post a blog tonight