Friday, July 09, 2010

WOW long time

WOW i havent been here in a long time.

Any body still reads my blog?

I am doing well just non stop busy with kids and family and work ...

i am still holding on my weight at 162 so i am excited

well i will return soon
love juliet

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good MOrning

Just stopping in to say HOWDY . I am alive and well lol .. I read everyones blogs but i never get to updating mine much lol.. I am working raising the money for my trip to ISRAEL and i am so excited that i get to go . Please keep me in your prayers that i can raise the money and be able to go .

HOpe you all are doing well .

My diet Well its going i have slacked off on eating things i am NOT suppose to eat. Yes i have fallen off the wagon but i am getting back on it . I went to the vitamin shop and got some protein mixes . I am ready to start back on protein shakes for a while . Since the weather is getting warmer i been going out side more and hanging with the kids soon it will be going to the gym (just too hard on us with kids going to bed so early and getting up that i just cant get to gym right now ) but looking forward to a awesome work outs during the summer.

WEll off for now
yall have a great day

please keep me in your prayers for my trip .


Monday, April 05, 2010


Well on Sunday i decided i WILL go on a MISSION TRIP with my church. I have always dreamed of traveling and seeing the other side. WEll our group is going to Israel to work on a Jerusalem School for 12 days.........yes 12 days ..... I know this is what i am needing to do not only for my self but something i feel very strong about in my life. Well I dont go until Aug 3-14 i have to raise the money so for i have One sponsor and still have to get the deposit done and passport. Plus probably buy a few new clothes as in august over there its 108 plus. YIKES

Please Keep me in your prayers that all this goes well.....OH might want to ask one BIG FAVOR PLEASE PLEASE pray for me for the fact I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A PLANE>>>>>>>>>>>YEP thats what i just said and for me to take a trip that will have me in the air for 15 hours is a bit much BUT MY GOD WONT LET ME DOWN>...

SO between now and then i have alot to do and if this trip goes as well as i know it will I MIGHT go on the AFRICA trip but thats a BIG MAYBE LOLOL

diet well its going my last few days has been CRAZY and i keep falling off the band wagon (if i didnt i wouldnt be a normal person we all fall off ) but I WILL NOT GIVE UP

Love always

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SO what is going on with Julie ?

Well heres the scoop

For a while now i been having DIZZY spells and when i eat 10 mins later i am so tired i barley keep my eyes open i have to nap . and i been tired and i am not eating like i should and the list goes on . SO i made a appt today and went took 5 tubes of blood (results friday ) and ekg (it was good) .......... Got two meds one for when i eat and one for dizzy to see if they work ....

I am ok but we need to find out whats going on so maybe on friday i will know more. Please keep me in your prayers .......

SIde note is i asked the nurse to look up my last time there it was Nov of 2008 a month before i had surgery and i weighted in at 301lbs
so if we went by the last doctor visit i have lost 136 lbs ...
if we go by my surgery date dec 08 i have lost 132 lbs so not a really big difference but i like the 136 lol

Still working on the last 25lbs i want OFF

Have a great spring break


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am still alive lol

Did you wonder what happen to me lol.. I am well and doing great.

Well i will be honest with ya up front i haven't been honest on my new life eating and healthy habits lately ....... But i am now back on track and working on it .

Starting April i will go a full month for lunches on bento box lunches. (look up bento boxes if you don't know what i am talking about .) Each day i will record what i am eating on this blog. I am still sitting at doctors goal of 165 but i would like to loose 25 lbs more and stop for good and maintain a healthy eating life.

SO be watching for up coming meal planning. I will do bento for lunch and fruits or oats etc for breakfast and soups or light food items for supper. Plus when i don't have errands etc to do after work i will hit the schools track and walk for 45 mins. Also until school lets out i will try and get to gym at least twice or once a week not including my track walking. My schedule is so chaos that it will be very hard to get work outs done but i will find a way .

I am doing well over all but i have notice i am not eating the way i should or want to so i am going to kick my self back into it .

I will not be counting calories etc on this diet plan . I will be watching HOW MUCH and WHAT i eat . I think alot of us watch too much the calories etc then the amount now i am not saying i am not going to watch calories at all i am just not going to focus on it as much as i will on what and how much i eat and the sugar intake ( i cant have much sugar intake )

SO i plan to start in april but until then i plan to start walking track and eating healthier things now but going to start hard core in april .


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentines dance with bailey

Please dont ask what i was doing i look crazy with that smile lolol..........wait it must of been the money i couldnt find in my purse and i was a nervous wreck until i got home and found it in the chair............Only 900 worth for girl scout cookies you know why i was ready to go and not smile lol

sharing some pictures

Hope this post finds everyone well..

Valentines day, Karleys girl scout event, Bailey event for food bank etc

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What ever !!!

Yes that's how i feel when i hear about folks who are over weight. They fuss about their rolls of fat (remember i was there a year ago ) and say they are doing this and that on their (SO CALLED DIET) or better yet their diet is going to start Tomorrow ................HELLO START IT NOW the sooner the better. GEES i get tired of hearing oh i am watching what i eat etc and then you see them eat a foot long subway etc.. Yes i was there i did the same thing but now if i knew what i know now i wouldn't have had to have surgery i wouldn't be over weight but i was and now i am paying the price.. YOU say HOW you had surgery you should be healthy and happy ... Well i am both but i have sagging boobs, got extra skin, thin hair, i can only eat a very small amount of things or i get sick, i will live on vitamins the rest of my life. and many more issues. The one i have the hardest trouble with is THE MENTAL part.. i find my self wanting to still wear 3x clothing when i am in a small 12 size now i find my self eating things i so shouldn't be eating... i find my self FREEZING to death nowadays every bone in my body aches now (yes i have bones finally ) lol. So guess what i am saying before you do this life changing surgery make sure you know all details. Because some have the surgery and then they fail ..(gain it back) I re fuss to fail after surgery i am going to stay healthy and my children will too . My fat life started when i was a child my family didn't care they cooked and cooked and cooked ..........and i ATE ATE ATE and nobody told me different. I don't want that to happen to my kids.

Ok i am done fussing lol

ON good note

I am still at my doctor's goal ... but i so want to loose the last 25lbs of my goal but i am taking it slow.

Here are a few goals i want to do this year (if they happen great if not no big deal i have a full healthy life to do it another year )

1. Ride a rollarcoaster with my kids
2. Walk for a cure
3. Ride a bike (both kinds)
4.maybe take some college course (still debating)
5. Learn more healthy recipe cooking
6. Do yard work with out dieing (yep being over weight can kill ya when you plant flowers ........or did me )
7 Be a better mom to my sweet kids
8 Bea better friend
9 Stay healthy
10 FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE (and i will leave that subject like that lol)

Well what are your goals.

Have a blessed day

Saturday, January 16, 2010

GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!I hit my goal this morning 164lbs doctor wanted me to get to 165

132lbs gone for LIFE

loving my new life

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i am still here. Just busy

Will post later