Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bovay 2008

What a week end we had at bovay.
Story one

Bailey finally knows how to ride a bike. YES he is seven and i know he should already know how well we didn't buy him a bike until a few months ago and he has never really been able to ride it . Well he learned the hard way at the Bovay camp . They had a small BMX track. Well after hitting the traffic sign and barn (head first) and running away from the guy Nick because he didn't know how to use the brakes............gotta to say now he knows how lol.

Story two

Bailey has learned how to semi swim in a deep pool and fly off the sides and slide by him self.

Story Three

Julie (ME) MADE IT THREW half OF THE TUNNEL (lost mine) yeah me. So next year i hope i can get the guts to go all the way threw with out freaking out lol

WE had a blast its amazing to me how its only hour and half away and the weather is so different and pretty . I cant wait until next year. My son came back a totally different child. He learned soooooooooo many things. I wish all parents would step up to the plate and let their child decide if they want to do this or not (scouts) . It's very rewarding and it makes the boys be more indepent and mature.

Ok off to recovery i am BURNED LOL

Ps Camp food was great lol

Saturday, July 19, 2008


HEY there,

Hope everyone is doing well. I am recovery from my training this week in cypress. OH WOW i have learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much from , learning to make peanut butter sandwiches threw excerise and useing your body parts , to blowing up milk and food colors......... YES i am a teacher and so i have the right to act like a child in class and learn from my crazy ideas. lol
As a teacher we must make our lifes and the students we touch threw our classroom with fun , exciting learning even if it requires messy stuff, to screaming and moving noises. I so cant wait too see my students and introduce them to the exciting new ideas and plans i have for them. It was soooooooooooo good to see my kids (they stayed with granny for the week) when i am away from my kids i feel lost. I was so glad to see them on thurs. I spent some extra time with them on friday and today and tomorrow we will just play and enjoy each other. I have came back with a awesome feeling in my body and soul now . We listen to great speakers and christian comedy. It was so good to spend time with my co workers. I felt like we bonded great and i think we will have a exciting year ahead of us.

We are prepareing for our Bovay trip (camp) this upcoming week . I am so excited i have never camped like this before so its going to be alot of sweat, texas heat but over all its going to be SO WORTH IT . I love my little scouts and i cant wait till the year starts so we can exlpore the wolf year together.

Well thats about all I will be celebrating my 31st birthday this week (YIKES) . YES i feel my age but i dont regret one thing of those years. I am soooooooooo blessed to have great friends, awesom family and a great marriage and THE BEST KIDS IN THE WORLD (in my eyes ) . So as you grow older and wiser just remember God gave you these years of life and so go and treasure them and celebrate every year that you have been alive and healthy .


Monday, July 07, 2008

Do you have a friend ?

When i ask that i am not asking you just any friend i am asking That special friend. I have one and no matter how low i get or how high i get in they are always there to bring me up or down with laughter, love, caring and just flat out a great friend. This is a friend who i can call and say hey lets go to best buy (they arent big into girly stuff lolol) and they will getup and go . IF i need computer worked on this person is RIGHT THERE. This person knows basically everything about me and more . I have known this person since college and we have always been able to share things together. The person i am refering to is Vinson, He is just a great guy all the way around. He is like a brother i never had, a friend that i can tell anything to a friend i can argue with and i still win (right vinson) . Poor guy came over last week three days in a row and we picked on each so much you could see the horns coming out of his head. But he was a trooper and dealt with me because i was a kid who wanted her LAPTOP NOW and didnt understand why it was taking so long. With all the questions i asked HE never got mad,,,,,,,,,,, he probably was ready to kill me but we are friends if you cant bug each other a little then why be friends. We have shared laughter, death, birth , college days, and more and i will always know i have a friend deep down in my heart that i know i can call FRIEND for life LOVE YOU LOTS JULIET Ps to Vinson ,,, NO i am not going to love war craft after i publish this post lolol

Clean house

HI friends,

Well we had a very productive weekend. We de cluttered our closet (YIKES). I never knew you could collect sooooooooo much stuff in about two year frame. Then we rearranged my bedroom and living room and kitchen so we were bussy. But it was a good busy and now my house is very clean and spotless. I cant stand clutter so how my closet got so clutter is beyond me lol. But we threw away old clothes, holiday stuff, some of my scrap booking and teaching stuff. stuff i bought and never used. Russell got rid of some child hood memories stuff (nothing with value ) So we are very excited its like a new home again lol.

Hope you are all doing well on this Monday I took kids to park and ran to the store . Then we came home to watch ET and paint sun catchers. So they are happy plus they will see their granny today . OK off to dig in my coupons . TTYL

Thursday, July 03, 2008


hey friends

How's things going. i am doing well i am laying on the couch typing to you all . i am so getting use to my new toy lol. But, i got to admit i still love my desktop lol. Well i redid my kitchen YAYYAYA me. It was a job but now my kitchen is 100% decluttered, organized, clean, everything is put where it belongs. Now i got to work on the getting rid of apple decor and bring in the new something. Not sure what i want argg
I just knows its going to have to match hunter green stuff . (any ideas?) Then before i took my bath soak i dragged in my husband to the bathroom and we cleaned under the sink YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSssss i wont say how many of those plug ins i had GEES thank goodness for my candle lady . I hate those plug ins they seem to never to work but www.pkstuff.com works wonders. So my next job of de cluttering is my CLOSET and file cabinet but that might be over the weekend or next week . My closet has hubby;s stuff and mine and hoilday stuff etc. Then files need to be cleaned out and i have so much teaching stuff i am wanting to throw out . So when i am done these two spots guess what I AM A 110% decluttered WOOHOO.

ok off to surf the web
happy fourth weekend

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Good morning,

Well today in a new day . Not sure what we are doing but kids want to go somewheres. So i am thinking of the park or something . Let them run some energy off. They woke up wanting to clean Karley's room . YAYYYA So now they are picking on each other lol. kids right !!!

Well i just finished feeding the turtles so i guess its time to feed the kids breakfast. NO my turtles dont get fed first just kids werent ready to eat . LOL

Well I have heard our class of 96 lost another sweet person . I didnt know him that well but i knew of him he finished school a year before me . Life can end in a second like it did for Richard Story so enjoy every minute you have on this earth with your loved ones when the lord is ready he will take ya rather you or your loved ones are ready for you to leave .

May you rest in peace now Richard Story .

Have a great Weds.

Love Juliet

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Julie's Creation

ok i wanted to share something that was CREATED BY ME lol.
Sometimes i get in the mood of what if i mix this and that together what will it taste like. Well tonight was that night.

items you need
package of mixed noodles by skinner
package of schwans cheese sauce (or any kind you have i guss would work )
Some salad mix in a bottle (its the stuff that you find in the veggies area )
about 1/3 or less of milk
cajun cereole seasoning
bacon bites

boil your noodles
melt your cheese
put noodles in your glassware and then pour a little of milk in it pour cheese, salad mix and bacon bites and mix it together then sprinkle some seasoning on top bake for a few mins (i didnt time it )
then take it out of oven and mix it and serve..............TALK ABOUT SO GOOD

Savings report july 1


well i started off with two kids that should explain most of my shopping right lol.
Ok so off i go to krogers and i had a 10.00 gift card and a 5.00 dollar coupon and if you bought ten items of things that were on the special you got 3.00 . SO to start shopping i had 18.00 in free money .

I got
6 boxes of betty crocker suddenly salad .50 box
3 pacekts of weber seasining . FREE
lawyers bottle of seasioning .FREE x two
sponges .50
Pert shampoo .49
Bacon Bites x 2 .90
Cattlemans BBQ sauce .25
Oscar Myer hot dogs Buy one get one free (pluse i had a coupon )
Minute Maid Juice in the box they had them for 5/5 well i got four containers and paid only 2.00 which made them .50 a container (its the boxes)
Life savers Buy one and get one free (so i got four)
Country Butter Omega .25
Country Butter regular 1.14

Ok then i bought things i needed and here are my totals

grand total 124.

Free money 18.00
and sales 62.00
and freebies

So i saved 62.00 with their sales and my coupons etc.
so i wrote the check out for 62. and change

I was sooooooooooooooo excited i cut my bill in half and i got things i can use and things i needed and etc and this included NO MEAT besides the hot dogs . Normally when i have meat my bill is high so i budget my meat into my bill before i start with my coupons so i can try and bring down my bill better.

Have a great day i am going to stock my wash room with all this stuff now .

ps 21 MORE DAYS before my birthday HEHEHEH