Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Julie's Creation

ok i wanted to share something that was CREATED BY ME lol.
Sometimes i get in the mood of what if i mix this and that together what will it taste like. Well tonight was that night.

items you need
package of mixed noodles by skinner
package of schwans cheese sauce (or any kind you have i guss would work )
Some salad mix in a bottle (its the stuff that you find in the veggies area )
about 1/3 or less of milk
cajun cereole seasoning
bacon bites

boil your noodles
melt your cheese
put noodles in your glassware and then pour a little of milk in it pour cheese, salad mix and bacon bites and mix it together then sprinkle some seasoning on top bake for a few mins (i didnt time it )
then take it out of oven and mix it and serve..............TALK ABOUT SO GOOD

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