Monday, July 07, 2008

Clean house

HI friends,

Well we had a very productive weekend. We de cluttered our closet (YIKES). I never knew you could collect sooooooooo much stuff in about two year frame. Then we rearranged my bedroom and living room and kitchen so we were bussy. But it was a good busy and now my house is very clean and spotless. I cant stand clutter so how my closet got so clutter is beyond me lol. But we threw away old clothes, holiday stuff, some of my scrap booking and teaching stuff. stuff i bought and never used. Russell got rid of some child hood memories stuff (nothing with value ) So we are very excited its like a new home again lol.

Hope you are all doing well on this Monday I took kids to park and ran to the store . Then we came home to watch ET and paint sun catchers. So they are happy plus they will see their granny today . OK off to dig in my coupons . TTYL

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