Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bovay 2008

What a week end we had at bovay.
Story one

Bailey finally knows how to ride a bike. YES he is seven and i know he should already know how well we didn't buy him a bike until a few months ago and he has never really been able to ride it . Well he learned the hard way at the Bovay camp . They had a small BMX track. Well after hitting the traffic sign and barn (head first) and running away from the guy Nick because he didn't know how to use the brakes............gotta to say now he knows how lol.

Story two

Bailey has learned how to semi swim in a deep pool and fly off the sides and slide by him self.

Story Three

Julie (ME) MADE IT THREW half OF THE TUNNEL (lost mine) yeah me. So next year i hope i can get the guts to go all the way threw with out freaking out lol

WE had a blast its amazing to me how its only hour and half away and the weather is so different and pretty . I cant wait until next year. My son came back a totally different child. He learned soooooooooo many things. I wish all parents would step up to the plate and let their child decide if they want to do this or not (scouts) . It's very rewarding and it makes the boys be more indepent and mature.

Ok off to recovery i am BURNED LOL

Ps Camp food was great lol

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