Thursday, July 03, 2008


hey friends

How's things going. i am doing well i am laying on the couch typing to you all . i am so getting use to my new toy lol. But, i got to admit i still love my desktop lol. Well i redid my kitchen YAYYAYA me. It was a job but now my kitchen is 100% decluttered, organized, clean, everything is put where it belongs. Now i got to work on the getting rid of apple decor and bring in the new something. Not sure what i want argg
I just knows its going to have to match hunter green stuff . (any ideas?) Then before i took my bath soak i dragged in my husband to the bathroom and we cleaned under the sink YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSssss i wont say how many of those plug ins i had GEES thank goodness for my candle lady . I hate those plug ins they seem to never to work but works wonders. So my next job of de cluttering is my CLOSET and file cabinet but that might be over the weekend or next week . My closet has hubby;s stuff and mine and hoilday stuff etc. Then files need to be cleaned out and i have so much teaching stuff i am wanting to throw out . So when i am done these two spots guess what I AM A 110% decluttered WOOHOO.

ok off to surf the web
happy fourth weekend

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