Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Good morning,

Well today in a new day . Not sure what we are doing but kids want to go somewheres. So i am thinking of the park or something . Let them run some energy off. They woke up wanting to clean Karley's room . YAYYYA So now they are picking on each other lol. kids right !!!

Well i just finished feeding the turtles so i guess its time to feed the kids breakfast. NO my turtles dont get fed first just kids werent ready to eat . LOL

Well I have heard our class of 96 lost another sweet person . I didnt know him that well but i knew of him he finished school a year before me . Life can end in a second like it did for Richard Story so enjoy every minute you have on this earth with your loved ones when the lord is ready he will take ya rather you or your loved ones are ready for you to leave .

May you rest in peace now Richard Story .

Have a great Weds.

Love Juliet

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