Saturday, July 19, 2008


HEY there,

Hope everyone is doing well. I am recovery from my training this week in cypress. OH WOW i have learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much from , learning to make peanut butter sandwiches threw excerise and useing your body parts , to blowing up milk and food colors......... YES i am a teacher and so i have the right to act like a child in class and learn from my crazy ideas. lol
As a teacher we must make our lifes and the students we touch threw our classroom with fun , exciting learning even if it requires messy stuff, to screaming and moving noises. I so cant wait too see my students and introduce them to the exciting new ideas and plans i have for them. It was soooooooooooo good to see my kids (they stayed with granny for the week) when i am away from my kids i feel lost. I was so glad to see them on thurs. I spent some extra time with them on friday and today and tomorrow we will just play and enjoy each other. I have came back with a awesome feeling in my body and soul now . We listen to great speakers and christian comedy. It was so good to spend time with my co workers. I felt like we bonded great and i think we will have a exciting year ahead of us.

We are prepareing for our Bovay trip (camp) this upcoming week . I am so excited i have never camped like this before so its going to be alot of sweat, texas heat but over all its going to be SO WORTH IT . I love my little scouts and i cant wait till the year starts so we can exlpore the wolf year together.

Well thats about all I will be celebrating my 31st birthday this week (YIKES) . YES i feel my age but i dont regret one thing of those years. I am soooooooooo blessed to have great friends, awesom family and a great marriage and THE BEST KIDS IN THE WORLD (in my eyes ) . So as you grow older and wiser just remember God gave you these years of life and so go and treasure them and celebrate every year that you have been alive and healthy .


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Dawn Kainer said...

I love your outlook! We should all be like that! Is your camp going to be outdoors? I pray you don't get wet with all the rain the hurricane is to bring us! I know you had fun at PTAC I really enjoyed it last year! I hope you have a great day tomorrow on your birthday!! I will talk to you later.