Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy JULY 4TH

WOW Do you know how hard it is to tell someone you aint going to the family reunion. I havent missed a reunion since my dad died in 1999 (maybe one plus this one ) . Its always in July . Due to things and work and stuff i am not able to go . It kills me I love seeing those people . I some times hate living in houston because i am not there near my family . But i am planning to go end of july or august so i will see them there .............ok never mind guess i am missing my family .

Well we are all doing well . I am in the process of getting all my college mess(long story) fixed so PRAY that i do get a grant to go back to school in august. I am wanting to take some night classes or online classe .......even weekend if its open. This is a dream for me to finish school i am praying before i turn 35 i have a bachlor's or masters . I know i can do it .

I am back on FOCUS ( june just wasnt a month ) on dieting again i didnt stop in june i just didnt focus on what i was eating etc. So after all this rain goes away its HELLO TRACK . Plus i am planning alot of things with the kids so i can stay busy and out of the kitchen . lol

Kids are well . Karley has a mushroom hair cut. I cried i didnt want her hair cut but it was tangled and she doesnt want to keep a pony tie in it . SO off we cut. Bailey is enjoying the summer .



Monday, June 25, 2007

Hold your close ones near for you never know

WOW a pro wrestler who we like a lot was found dead and his family today . WOW watching his tribute on TV brings back thoughs and memories. . Makes me think YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN its your time . Never forget to say something to your love ones no matter what time of day or what fight you had with them Always let them know you love them . I remember when my dad died Its like it was yesterday i remember DETAILS of his last moments and to this day i wish i had spent more time with him . But i was a typical teen . But I know he knows i loved him and i know he loved me . One day we will be there with our loved ones but for now the ones that are near Give them a extra hug or kiss ................. You never know what God has in store for them or you tomorrow .

Tell a loved one today you love them and what they mean to ya .



Sunday, June 24, 2007

TOTAL month for june is in

Ok i am a few days shy of the month but i dont plan on shopping anymore this month .

So here it is

Total $ 476.00

With savings and alllllllllllllll my free stuff

i spent out my pocket was $267.00

so the difference is $209.00

So almost half of my total i saved .

I got free boxes of mixes

free johnson kids soap

Free candy treats

Free dial soap

Free air freshneers and warmers

Free brownie mixes

Free jellos and puddings

Free cereal

Free hand soap

Free dog food

Free tooth paste and tooth brushes

Free shampoo and hair stuff

Free dedorant

and many more things this is all i can think of right now with out having to go back threw all my stuff.

Also i went to a new store (its not new i just dont go there much ) like never and got their deal 5 LARGE packages of meat (pork, sausage, beef, chicken,types) for only 19.99 and they do this alot so i will be hitting them up for my meat. Plus i got some Dove handsoap i been wanting to try for .99 cents when its normally around 2.00 or more. Pluse they had a store coupon for free gallon of milk with 15.00 buy so . I was tickled .

WOWWOOWW i am so happy and to be honest if we had a hurricane right now I would have enough smelly (body stuff) to stay smellying good, and plenty of box and can things to get threw and cleaning stuff to last for about a month or longer. WOOHOO

Ok off to picked up and clean and get the kids settle in and off to do some searching online for lessons .


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy Busy summer

WOW end of may i was saying i didnt have anything to do . WEll that has changed BIG TIME .

I have Scrapbooking gatherings now starting july

I took on a small weekend job . LOVE IT

i signed up for boys scout leader and Girl scout leader.

I am going to Ptac (work related) I AM SO EXCITED cant wait.

Doing lessons in month of july .

Going on family vacation .

Celebrating my 7 years of marriage (hoping to go to kemah for the weekend but not sure ) .

BIG ONE CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF LIFE ..............YES GO AHEAD I AM OLD I have gray hair to prove it lol

I am also going to start writing a journal for my 30 birthday ) so my kids will have a journal on me . I already write one for each of them .

I have been DEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP cleaning cabinets and closets etc. OH WOW on what you find .

Spending LOTS OF time with the kids. We have some things plans but mostly we will be staying home .

Walking the track and cooking healthier.

Working with bailey on his work . He is doing so much better in the last two weeks but he still needs alot more . HE is in the process of going for testing in houston so we are just waiting.

Ok i wont bored ya anymore . Hope ever one is doing well Please keep my friend rubens mom in your prayers , BETH IN NEW YORK I LOVE YA and i will be thinking of you during your time of surgery and recovery . I know you will be just fine.

Well i am closeing i just cooked meatloaf and it was GROSS (DONT LAUGH) i dont know what i did wrong. THink it didnt have enough season or something . Oh well the kids ate with no complaints lololol. SHH DONT TELL THEM MOMMY MESSED UP lol



Saturday, June 16, 2007


How is everyone this rainy day ? WE are fine Bailey is at granny's Russell is working and karley is running around the house saying she is playing baseball lolo. I am doing my coupons stuff, cleaning, and figureing out what i am doing for fathers day . Well bailey went to the doctor basically it wasnt nothing i couldnt get a referral and papers filled out for texas childrens unless he saw his doctor . NOw we have done that we are on a waiting frame for Texas childrens to call me with a appt . (praying ins will cover it ) Bailey's Teachers have been helping me with things and wrote letters for me to give to the doctors and the hostipal . So i am hoping they will see what we see. I have been working with him lots and his teachers have too so with all the help and love he is getting i am sure everything will wash up great. Karley well she cut her hair last week so Mommy hasnt been happy ITS RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT argggggggggggggggggg Why do kids do this . She blamed it on dad (saying he cut it) Well i knew better but i went along with her until dad got home and we confronted daddy well come find out DRAMA QUEEN (her nick name ) cut her hair . KIDS LOLOL WEll got to run have a great weekend Juliet

Monday, June 11, 2007

what a summer

YEP its not a summer that i wanted. Things keep coming up and Folks keep asking me to do things with them and i want to do things (DEEEEEEP cleaning etc ) and i cant do nothing . ARGGG Do you ever have one of those days ............Well i feel like i am having a MONTH of it not a day. I keep telling my self GOd wont put more on my plate then he knows what i can handle. But not sure at times. So i am praying and talking to god that this week will be OVER ASAP and i see a light at the end. I know none of this MAKES SENSE to you guys but its MY BLOG RIGHT .lolol Well my savings report is Krogers spent 120.00 Saved 60.00 SO i wrote the check for 60.00 SO ITS 50%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% yayayyya savings. With that said i got free toothpaste, free hotdogs (for kids) free sausage free candY (its not for me ) . Well please keep me in your prayers i am still struggling with a few things i would rather not post on here but its nothing to worry about (for those worry bugs out there) . Please keep Bailey in prayers he will be going to a specialist soon . Nothing bad but i am concern but it will all work out in the wash RIGHT lol Well i must close GOOD NIGHT FRIENDS LOVE JULIET OVER LOOK THE GRAMMER PLEASE

Saturday, June 02, 2007

what a weekend

Well i started on wanting to go to gym this morning Then i wake up to NO WATER so i call they had a break . Then hubby decides to tell me we have a gathering (work) to go to today OH THANKS TELL ME lAST MINS arggg. So we prepare for the day WOHOO we have water, well 2 hrs later its time to get ready ...................NO WATER AGAIN arggggggggggggggggg What a day . I hope everyone is doing well .

Savings report TOTAL 149.00

wrote check for 94.00 WOHOOOO 55.00 savings