Monday, June 25, 2007

Hold your close ones near for you never know

WOW a pro wrestler who we like a lot was found dead and his family today . WOW watching his tribute on TV brings back thoughs and memories. . Makes me think YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN its your time . Never forget to say something to your love ones no matter what time of day or what fight you had with them Always let them know you love them . I remember when my dad died Its like it was yesterday i remember DETAILS of his last moments and to this day i wish i had spent more time with him . But i was a typical teen . But I know he knows i loved him and i know he loved me . One day we will be there with our loved ones but for now the ones that are near Give them a extra hug or kiss ................. You never know what God has in store for them or you tomorrow .

Tell a loved one today you love them and what they mean to ya .



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