Sunday, June 24, 2007

TOTAL month for june is in

Ok i am a few days shy of the month but i dont plan on shopping anymore this month .

So here it is

Total $ 476.00

With savings and alllllllllllllll my free stuff

i spent out my pocket was $267.00

so the difference is $209.00

So almost half of my total i saved .

I got free boxes of mixes

free johnson kids soap

Free candy treats

Free dial soap

Free air freshneers and warmers

Free brownie mixes

Free jellos and puddings

Free cereal

Free hand soap

Free dog food

Free tooth paste and tooth brushes

Free shampoo and hair stuff

Free dedorant

and many more things this is all i can think of right now with out having to go back threw all my stuff.

Also i went to a new store (its not new i just dont go there much ) like never and got their deal 5 LARGE packages of meat (pork, sausage, beef, chicken,types) for only 19.99 and they do this alot so i will be hitting them up for my meat. Plus i got some Dove handsoap i been wanting to try for .99 cents when its normally around 2.00 or more. Pluse they had a store coupon for free gallon of milk with 15.00 buy so . I was tickled .

WOWWOOWW i am so happy and to be honest if we had a hurricane right now I would have enough smelly (body stuff) to stay smellying good, and plenty of box and can things to get threw and cleaning stuff to last for about a month or longer. WOOHOO

Ok off to picked up and clean and get the kids settle in and off to do some searching online for lessons .


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