Saturday, June 16, 2007


How is everyone this rainy day ? WE are fine Bailey is at granny's Russell is working and karley is running around the house saying she is playing baseball lolo. I am doing my coupons stuff, cleaning, and figureing out what i am doing for fathers day . Well bailey went to the doctor basically it wasnt nothing i couldnt get a referral and papers filled out for texas childrens unless he saw his doctor . NOw we have done that we are on a waiting frame for Texas childrens to call me with a appt . (praying ins will cover it ) Bailey's Teachers have been helping me with things and wrote letters for me to give to the doctors and the hostipal . So i am hoping they will see what we see. I have been working with him lots and his teachers have too so with all the help and love he is getting i am sure everything will wash up great. Karley well she cut her hair last week so Mommy hasnt been happy ITS RIGHT THERE IN THE FRONT argggggggggggggggggg Why do kids do this . She blamed it on dad (saying he cut it) Well i knew better but i went along with her until dad got home and we confronted daddy well come find out DRAMA QUEEN (her nick name ) cut her hair . KIDS LOLOL WEll got to run have a great weekend Juliet

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Sheila said...

Hang in there! Things will workout! I have faith in the Father that He has a perfect plan, and that perfect plan does include you and your family!

Hugs to you!