Wednesday, April 26, 2006

good morning

Well its been a few days here so i hope yall is doing well . I went to bed with it storming and woke up with it storming and today is suppose to be sunny got to love houston weater lolol Three more weeks after this week before school ends YAY for me . WEll i am off to shower and get things ready for work yall have a great day . Love always juliet (ps GOOD MORNING ROCKWALL LOLOLOL wake up and smell the flowers )

Sunday, April 23, 2006

good morning SUNNY BLESSING

HI there i hope you are all well. I hope you all had a great weekend. I just stayed home the whole weekend and loved it . Got lots of things done and the kids behave most of the part.

I am sitting here listening to cajun music as i always do on sundays my father would listen to cajun music all the time and i have grown to listen to it of course i have NO IDEA what they are singing but i love the beat and once in a while they will send in english lol . Now russell on the other hand well he HATESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS IT i can turn it on and he is in a moody mood i think its funny . He gets over it .
(love ya dad)

Well i am cleaning out drawers and finishing clothes.
yall have a great day
and week


Thursday, April 20, 2006

weight watchers update

if you all dont know yet i am trying ww for the first time. i am liking it so far but the hoilday about kill me lol.

i lost two lbs last week and of course i gained it during weekend well i am back to where i was last week so i guess you could say i lost 4 lbs so i hope it will be more soon.

if you havent tried ww its really neat i do everything online and i plan my own meals and i am also doing the point system so i dont have to eat diet i can eat anything but i have to count my points.

ok just wanted to update when i lose 50 lbs then i will tell ya what i started at lolol

have a great day

brokeback moutain

well karley is up at 2am just chatting away oh what fun lol. so i am going to put my two cents on the movie i watched last night.

A little history of my past when i was in high school i had this guy who we dated off and on for four years we were more like brother and sister and his family was like mine (just different in some ways) well when my dad died i had sent him a picture of a woman(funny picture) and he started questioning me why etc make story short he was gay . i was totally shock but i knew he was happy and he treated me with respect for the fact i didnt aprove of it but he also knew i was happy for him . and now we still are in contact with each other and he is actually graduating soon i am so proud and happy for him .

ok to the movie well it was a bit boring at the begining and i think there should of been more drama (is that the word) to it i know everyone lives a different lifestyle nowadays but sometimes i have this bug that says why are they doing this god doesnt have this lifestyle in the bible (adam and eve ) not adam and tom know what i mean . well it was a ok movie but its not one i would tell folks to watch and i sure wouldnt let my kids see it . ITs their choice in life to decide what their lifestyles are and i pray that they stay normal(adam and eve ) lolol but if for some reason they dont i will be a mother that i am and be right there by their side in all the things they decide to do . We cant tell folks what to do in life but we can show them the a direction to the right way and hope and pray they follow the bible's lifestyle. Like they always say theres a reason for everything and maybe one day we will know why we have crime, gay world, killing, hurricanes that take lifes etc but until then we must live the best we can and be happy with it .

OK no flames please this is just what i think and feel. i might be wrong or right but like i said this world is different in all areas of things and only god knows why .

I hope you all have a great day i am going to a meeting tonight for melelacua and then tomorrow i am having southren living party .
nothing planed for the weekend so you all have a great weekend if i dont get to see you online or talk to ya before .

good morning dave lol

love always
juliet (hugs for all)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hi all

hope you are all doing well. I have kid under the weather but its not too bad. Man is summer here already gees i bet we could fry eggs outside on the road already. I hope you all find ways to stay cool on the upcoming days.
Well i am on weight watchers diet so far so good i hope by dec (goal) i will be 70 lbs LESS thank god i can eat anything but i have to measure what i eat and count points.

well i will pop in later juliet

ps HI DAVE LOLOL ( i know you are reading this )

HI SHEILA (i know you looking too ) lol

and everyone else LOVE YOU LOTS

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy birthday grandpaw


Monday, April 10, 2006

Grand father

Some things will always be in styleGood solid things like honesty,and trust and caring about people.It's qualities like thesethat keep us aware of who we areAnd what we can give to life.It's qualities like these, Grandpa,that you've taught me to value,Through your influence, your example, and your love.It has made me love you very much,And has made me very proud to have you for my Grandpa.

Ps May you know how much you mean to me and what you have done to my life that has made a better person that i am today. I love you
(happy early birthday grandpaw)
love your granddaughter
I feel like crap and i just want this stuff to go away is it that hard to go away lo.
well not much to say its monday and kids are eating and getting ready for school. I hope you all have a wonderful day .
ps grandpaw I LOVE YOU SO MUCH you are and always be my rock i miss you lots

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Julie's life: Julie's life: good morning

well its been one of those weekends lol started friday when i was at groomers they found blood in dogs ears so i ended up at vets office with two kids who hadnt had naps a dog who thought she ruled the place and freaked out the old ladies . so after 101.00 the dog is done for a year and on life medicine arggg and russell is still wanting to keep her whats wroung with men and their dogs . Plus on this weekend i am sicker then a dog lol i have sinus cold or head cold something my head feels like its about to fall off. well let me close i need to do things around here hugs juliet

Friday, April 07, 2006

Julie's life: good morning

GOOD MORNING ITS FRIDAY YAY Well i am off to clean house and send that stupid dog to groomers. what is it with a man and a dog. This dog drives me insane but russell said if the dog goes well the wife goes arggggggggggggg men. (any takers lolol) Well i am going to come back later for now i am going to try and wake up and get kids ready for the day yall be sweet hugs

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

good morning

well its very early in morning sure alot of you are asleep but me and the kids are up and about already . getting ready for school . Well today i believe will be a better day why ? who knows. well wanted to say HI to my best dispatcher (russ's boss) dave he is such a sweetie he will do anything for me if i ask. He is one of those friends you only find once in a blue moon . Dave will bend over backwards for you . HI dave ( i know you are going to read this lol) i hope you have great day and weekend one day russell and me will come to rockwall to see you . You are truley a great guy and if it wasnt you at tse i think every wife would pull their HAIR out with tse stuff. well have a great day all i am off to teach my little ones love always juliet

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Hi just wanted to pop in and say hi its been a week . It could be better but the way my luck goes it probably wont . I hope yall are doing well and good.

Well i might post later but its just a nasty day and my mood isnt up that high so i might post this weekend instead . (might go shopping that always does the job on moodness with me lolol)

ok yall be sweet now
hugs jam

Sunday, April 02, 2006

good morning

well i woke up showered, cleaned my washing machine and then bleached it cleaned wash room and picked up fed kids, folded clothes washing clothes put meatballs in the crocket pot . went and cleaned out car and then took it to get vacum and now back and listening to my cajun music like i do every sunday (I LOVE YOU DAD ) now later will be lesson plans stuff *(yep never done it yet lol i have until tues lol)
I went to hobby lobby yesterday and oh my gosh i fell in love with some childrens furniture that i had to have it so i got the princess chair, cabinet thing, stand up dressing mirror it was third off and i just look at the recipet and she didnt charge me right so i got a better deal then i should of gotten YAY . so i am happy i found it and so is karley her room is finally looking like a girls rooms ok off to clean my tires and dashboard bbl hugs jam

Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy aprl fools day

i normally pull that i am pregant on my mom (i swear she is blonde) but i am going to be nice this time lol. be safe and dont be too ugly to your family and friends on this silly hoilday love jam

good morning all

good morning well i slepted well now i am up and fixing to start cleaning one less kid makes the cleaning so much better to get done quicker. Not sure what i will do today Bailey is at grannys building a butterfly cage (dont ask lol) so i am thinking me and karley will find something to do .

sheila i dont think my helper even knows what a computer is lolol.

ok well i am off to get dressed and start washing clothes and bedding(thanks karley) lol

love juliet