Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Morning

Wow summer has already started and i been on the go every day already. Tomorrow i am going to go and take my test for cdl (praying i pass it finally ) . So tonight its STUDY STUDY STUDY lol.

Bailey is off this week but we have alot to do as a family . Then he starts summer school next week.

karley well she is just her ole drama self . lol

I started chore charts and lets just say one likes it and one doesn't lol. Guess they will figure out that Momma expects alot from them now that they are getting older. No reason why they cant keep up their part of the house . If i don't start teaching them ways of life then who will ....NO BODY i am the parent . I was brought up to do chores etc and my kids will do the same.

Ok off to church Have a blessed weekend


Friday, May 29, 2009

TODAY IS five months

and i am busy this morning so just a quick up date started at 296 as of today i am 214 and thats a total of 82 lbs lost in five months YAYAYAY ME

Monday, May 25, 2009

5 months WOW and Update

Ok this week will mark 5months since i had surgery . So here are some details

Five months ago i was
296 lbs
wore size 32 in pants
wore a size 3x or bigger shirt
i couldn't do alot of physical activity
i was on high dose of blood pressure meds
was taking a fluid pill
was always out of breath etc

i am 81lbs lighter
weigh 215
i joined a gym that is kicking my hinny
i wear a size 18w (that's 6 sizes down)
i wear a size 1x shirt (depending on the way its made) two sizes down
My shorts i had for four years that never fit and i had to lay down to button them now are falling off of me now
I am always busy now moving around with kids
I hate sitting now that i know i can move with out getting out of breath
I can cross my legs
I can run now
I can walk fast now
I eat better and foods i never ate before now i eat
I make right choices when i do go out to eat. (instead of fried i go with grilled etc
I am teaching my kids how to eat healthier
I shop at stores that have better selections of foods for the kids and me to eat.
I don't eat much beef anymore but instead i eat turkey chicken tuna fish
I drink tons of water now (use to be tons of sugar drinks etc
I watch the portion control now.

And the exciting list just keeps going but i will stop here.

So now my goal is to loose the 15lbs or be under 200 by my birthday (July 22) i know i will but i still like setting goals for my self

Ok you all have a great Memorial weekend and remember who fought for you and our country . Tell them THANKS


Sunday, May 24, 2009


I guess the gym is going to pay off.

starting weight (five months ago ) 296
Todays 215



Saturday, May 23, 2009

lol goodness i am a posting freak today

Ok i just thought of something

Lets play the question game?

What kind of music do you listen to ?

I listen to almost anything. I love my cajun music(RIP DAD AND PAPA) and i love hiphop music (good work out music) but of course you never can take the country music out of a country girl . Plus most important i love my christian (postive) music as well. I love to listen to it all threw the day etc.

SO post under this post what music you like who are you favorite artists etc. Also if you scroll down on my blog you will see my playlist i just added a bunch more .
Ok ia m really off to the gym now lol




I spent the night with mom to take her and John to Hobby airport. Now i am dragging lol. I am leaving at 9 to meet trainer at gym then after that kids will get tested for swimming. Then off to Kroger's to do my big shopping with coupons. Then coming home and taking a NAP lol.

So i am working calorie intake so far i have 260 calories in got more to go to get to 1943 a day lol.



Friday, May 22, 2009

post two for the day

here is me with my four eyes. I hate them but i know i need them . argg



I was so excited to make this soup mix i gotten. Well instead of doing it on the stove stop i decided to do it in the crock pot ............Well i guess the cooking directions are different . I had it in there for about two hours or so and i took it out and let it cool off and put it in the ice box. WELL i just went and got some and sat down and the rice isn't cooked..............arggg i just wanted some soup now i am stuck with figuring out what i am going to eat now ........... Lesson learned i guess lol

Well i went to meet my trainer today (did i tell ya he is a hottie lolol) but he is very sweet guy and i believe he knows what he is talking about and he isn't one of these trainers that are Stuck on themselves lol. So i did my stuff and basically according to the computer i should be taking in 1943calories i am lucky if i am taking in 1000 or so so i guess now i will be focusing on intake of protein and calories. So i am going back tonight for my weight class.

Sat i am going to meet him at 945 to do a one on one thing. (GOD HELP ME LOL) . Then after that i will take kids to swim testing. I will be enrolling the kids in swim lessons soon (or i am considering ) .. I LOVE THIS GYM if you have a lifetime fitness by you go check it out. I am enjoying it and i cant wait till i can enjoy the pools and steam rooms and spas etc.

Ok off to pick up and head to gym later
have a great memorial day weekend (and remember the fallen )


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


WOW the month of may has just flown by. Some of you know that Thurs is my last day to teach at MBC. or is it ? Long story short i am trying to get my cdl for school bus driver but every time i turn i got a bump in the road. Well Friday i went and thought ok this is the day ........Well 500.00 later i am getting glasses this week because i failed the eye exam. SO i am starting to wonder if this is a SIGN.......... you know the redneck comedian HERE IS YOUR SIGN lolol.

Kids are excited we joined lifetime fitness gym this week. They are having a ball at the child's center. I am considering putting them in swim lessons(god help me lol) . I joined a one month free pass for the gym's weight loss group its ok but i think i could do more on my own. SO i will go and finish the month with them and see what or how i feel after wards.

As far as my weight loss its a stopping point right now. But its ok i have all summer to push my self i am setting a goal that by my birthday (July 22) i loose the 18lbs that i have to go to get to 200lbs. Can i do it i am going to give it all i got this summer to make it happen.

Good note or a WOW moment i have went down from a 32 in waist size down to a 18 waist size (workout clothes) . YIPPIE ME

Off to finish cleaning i feel asleep at 530 last night (guess i am tired lol) and just woke up at 2am so the house work i didn't get to do i am doing now lol .

Sweet Wed

Friday, May 15, 2009


Karley Ann 2009
Two of her favorite teachers


Waving to mom lol

What a cuite pie (or i think so lol)

Karley doing the bible pledge

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hard tough questions parents must have answers too ........

I am learning to explain things more detail as my children are getting older. When they were young you could get away with " I dont know son/daughter" now you cant do that. Because as their age grows their little question mentor turns on and it just doesnt turn off.

Karley Mom when i die you die and go to heaven will you still be my mom?
Mom OF course you are my baby girl
Karley When i become older will i be your baby girl?
Karley When i die will i be your baby girl?
Karley WHen you die will i be your baby girl?
karley When we are in heaven will i bee your baby girl?
karley WHen i get in heave will i see my hermit crab?

MOm .......... uhmmmmm (so i sat and told her YES YES YES) . and the last question NO WAY is it going to be boring.
THen i went on to explain heaven etc.

Boy i sure am not ready for the teenage LIFE LoL.

Raising kids isnt easy but someones got to get them on the path to heaven. I wouldnt want to be living now if i knew my kids didnt know about death, jesus, heaven etc.
SO i am going to start reading more bible stories to my kids and with them going to church etc i am hoping they learn more. I believe every child has a right to learn their up bringing beliefs .
I cant wait to see Bailey (son) when he gets back from church camp in august. He will be attending by himself and its the same camp i got saved at and i learned ALOT .

have a great tues

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother days pictures 2009

I had a great mother's day . Here are a few pictures. These pictures are in my moms front yard. She has a green thumb...........i didnt gain that from her up bringing lol.


Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is my wonderful mom with all her kids but one(michael my nephew wasnt here that day) . My mom is my backbone . She would give a stranger her pair of shoes if they didnt have any. My kids just adore my mom. She is always there for them when they are hurt or need a extra minute with granny. My mom has taught me ALOT and i treasure every minute of it. She is my best friend i can tell her anything and she will give the best of advice. I LOVE YOU MOM Happy MOTHERS DAY your daughter Juliet

Do something special for your mother this weekend. She will enjoy it. IF its just a call saying how much you love her or a visit............Those memories will always be treasured in a mothers heart.


ps Oh yeah that picture of me (gray shirt) is way before surgery YIKES i look nothing like that so i guess i will take new pictures of me and mom tomorrow and post

Friday, May 08, 2009

I cant believe i am saying this

Yes, I cant believe i am fixing to say this .............I am getting tired of hearing ......... GIRL you are loosing so much weight....... Girl you look great how did you do it . ....... Girl your clothes is falling off (like i don't know this ) ..........the comments keep rolling. Ok now i am not saying i don't like hearing it but it does get old quick. I love the comments but when they are repeated daily it does get old. I then thank the people for the nice comments.............then i get told OH yeah i knew someone who had that surgery blah blah blah. So now i think i came up with a plan i am just going to start telling folks i am eating right and taking my vitamins and making right choices for a better life. I am not lying to them i am telling the truth i am doing better in choices and that's why the weight is coming off. Ok not sure why this post looks so funny . So i will write later. For some reason its not letting me make spaces............ strange love Juliet

Monday, May 04, 2009


Wow i have so many wows to say i don't know where to start.
First i am 20lbs from my next goal (which is to get to 200).
I had to return a gown because it was TOO BIG (this is the first ) and i got a Large because that's all they had ................and IT FITS lol.

I have noticed i am eating better and making better choices then i have ever have since surgery.

I went to Central Market and my best friend and me FELL IN LOVE with that store. So we are making a trip again this weekend. They have so many things there that i can eat. YES Kroger's Heb has foods i can eat but they don't have alot of foods high in protein and Cm has lots of nuts, granola, etc that Kroger's doesn't carry. Plus being a wls patient we eat alot of cheese. Well at Cm they have over 700 cheese to choose from and alot of them are high in protein .(so this is a plus for me ) . But overall i love that place and its alot cheaper then Wholefoods . At Cm they do carry alot of things that Kroger's would as for as Wf they carry JUST their stuff.

Ok i will get off that subject lol.
Well this week is going to be great i have a meeting on Tues night one tonight then after that i am free.

I didn't get to take my cdl test as i planned because at 1030 Thurs the sitter called and said she couldn't watch Karley . SO i am going to try in the next two weeks to get it done.

Please keep Russell in prayers he is thinking of going into business on his one (owning his own truck ) . I have alot of concerns but i can only give it to god to help Russell to make the right choice.

Ok off to work
have a great day

ps 76lbs gone

Saturday, May 02, 2009

75lbs goal happen

TODAY i get on scale .......................75lbs GONE..... now i have 75lbs to go .

I am so excited. I couldnt even tell you the last time i weighted this little .

Thanks for supporting me and encouraging me threw this journey .


started weight 296
todays weight 221

Lost 75lbs
Have 75lbs to go

have a great weekend

Friday, May 01, 2009

one pound away

OH MY GOSH i am ONE pound away to getting to my Mid way lost weight.

i am soooooooooooooo tickled.

SO my goal this weekend is to walk and loose more then the one pound. We don't really have any plans this weekend so got time to MOVE IT MOVE IT Lol

Well cant take my test because the girl who was going to watch karley cant. SO i am off to petsmart later . Tigger needs bark (turtle).

Thats about it i have a show tonight (tupperware) out in huffman.

Have a great weekend