Friday, May 22, 2009



I was so excited to make this soup mix i gotten. Well instead of doing it on the stove stop i decided to do it in the crock pot ............Well i guess the cooking directions are different . I had it in there for about two hours or so and i took it out and let it cool off and put it in the ice box. WELL i just went and got some and sat down and the rice isn't cooked..............arggg i just wanted some soup now i am stuck with figuring out what i am going to eat now ........... Lesson learned i guess lol

Well i went to meet my trainer today (did i tell ya he is a hottie lolol) but he is very sweet guy and i believe he knows what he is talking about and he isn't one of these trainers that are Stuck on themselves lol. So i did my stuff and basically according to the computer i should be taking in 1943calories i am lucky if i am taking in 1000 or so so i guess now i will be focusing on intake of protein and calories. So i am going back tonight for my weight class.

Sat i am going to meet him at 945 to do a one on one thing. (GOD HELP ME LOL) . Then after that i will take kids to swim testing. I will be enrolling the kids in swim lessons soon (or i am considering ) .. I LOVE THIS GYM if you have a lifetime fitness by you go check it out. I am enjoying it and i cant wait till i can enjoy the pools and steam rooms and spas etc.

Ok off to pick up and head to gym later
have a great memorial day weekend (and remember the fallen )


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