Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hard tough questions parents must have answers too ........

I am learning to explain things more detail as my children are getting older. When they were young you could get away with " I dont know son/daughter" now you cant do that. Because as their age grows their little question mentor turns on and it just doesnt turn off.

Karley Mom when i die you die and go to heaven will you still be my mom?
Mom OF course you are my baby girl
Karley When i become older will i be your baby girl?
Karley When i die will i be your baby girl?
Karley WHen you die will i be your baby girl?
karley When we are in heaven will i bee your baby girl?
karley WHen i get in heave will i see my hermit crab?

MOm .......... uhmmmmm (so i sat and told her YES YES YES) . and the last question NO WAY is it going to be boring.
THen i went on to explain heaven etc.

Boy i sure am not ready for the teenage LIFE LoL.

Raising kids isnt easy but someones got to get them on the path to heaven. I wouldnt want to be living now if i knew my kids didnt know about death, jesus, heaven etc.
SO i am going to start reading more bible stories to my kids and with them going to church etc i am hoping they learn more. I believe every child has a right to learn their up bringing beliefs .
I cant wait to see Bailey (son) when he gets back from church camp in august. He will be attending by himself and its the same camp i got saved at and i learned ALOT .

have a great tues


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

It amazing the questions kids ask. How do you answer questions like that about death. As an adult you ask yourself those questions sometimes. I think church is great for morales. I have a struggle with some things in the bible, but I believe church made me a better person growing up.
P.S. I plan on sending you the catalog first thing tomorrow, just got back from Utica, NY to Las Vegas, NV my home now.

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing this; I so feel your pain! We were listening to the Tobymac song "Lose My Soul" and Wesley wanted to know what a soul was! Ugh! How do you describe that to a 4 year old! I don't even want to imagine how we would answer such questions without our faith in God!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Your a special blogger and I just wanted you to know!

Come by and see! http://losingweightnotmymind.blogspot.com/2009/05/i-feel-so-honored.html