Monday, May 25, 2009

5 months WOW and Update

Ok this week will mark 5months since i had surgery . So here are some details

Five months ago i was
296 lbs
wore size 32 in pants
wore a size 3x or bigger shirt
i couldn't do alot of physical activity
i was on high dose of blood pressure meds
was taking a fluid pill
was always out of breath etc

i am 81lbs lighter
weigh 215
i joined a gym that is kicking my hinny
i wear a size 18w (that's 6 sizes down)
i wear a size 1x shirt (depending on the way its made) two sizes down
My shorts i had for four years that never fit and i had to lay down to button them now are falling off of me now
I am always busy now moving around with kids
I hate sitting now that i know i can move with out getting out of breath
I can cross my legs
I can run now
I can walk fast now
I eat better and foods i never ate before now i eat
I make right choices when i do go out to eat. (instead of fried i go with grilled etc
I am teaching my kids how to eat healthier
I shop at stores that have better selections of foods for the kids and me to eat.
I don't eat much beef anymore but instead i eat turkey chicken tuna fish
I drink tons of water now (use to be tons of sugar drinks etc
I watch the portion control now.

And the exciting list just keeps going but i will stop here.

So now my goal is to loose the 15lbs or be under 200 by my birthday (July 22) i know i will but i still like setting goals for my self

Ok you all have a great Memorial weekend and remember who fought for you and our country . Tell them THANKS


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