Monday, May 04, 2009


Wow i have so many wows to say i don't know where to start.
First i am 20lbs from my next goal (which is to get to 200).
I had to return a gown because it was TOO BIG (this is the first ) and i got a Large because that's all they had ................and IT FITS lol.

I have noticed i am eating better and making better choices then i have ever have since surgery.

I went to Central Market and my best friend and me FELL IN LOVE with that store. So we are making a trip again this weekend. They have so many things there that i can eat. YES Kroger's Heb has foods i can eat but they don't have alot of foods high in protein and Cm has lots of nuts, granola, etc that Kroger's doesn't carry. Plus being a wls patient we eat alot of cheese. Well at Cm they have over 700 cheese to choose from and alot of them are high in protein .(so this is a plus for me ) . But overall i love that place and its alot cheaper then Wholefoods . At Cm they do carry alot of things that Kroger's would as for as Wf they carry JUST their stuff.

Ok i will get off that subject lol.
Well this week is going to be great i have a meeting on Tues night one tonight then after that i am free.

I didn't get to take my cdl test as i planned because at 1030 Thurs the sitter called and said she couldn't watch Karley . SO i am going to try in the next two weeks to get it done.

Please keep Russell in prayers he is thinking of going into business on his one (owning his own truck ) . I have alot of concerns but i can only give it to god to help Russell to make the right choice.

Ok off to work
have a great day

ps 76lbs gone


Laurie ( said...

You're right, you've got lots of wows!
Yes, I LOVE Central Market.. It's close to my work, but by the time I finish work, I just want to go home! HA! i may have to stop by soon again..

You're doing great!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Its a great feeling when you don't fit into the big clothes anymore. Keep up the good work.