Wednesday, May 20, 2009


WOW the month of may has just flown by. Some of you know that Thurs is my last day to teach at MBC. or is it ? Long story short i am trying to get my cdl for school bus driver but every time i turn i got a bump in the road. Well Friday i went and thought ok this is the day ........Well 500.00 later i am getting glasses this week because i failed the eye exam. SO i am starting to wonder if this is a SIGN.......... you know the redneck comedian HERE IS YOUR SIGN lolol.

Kids are excited we joined lifetime fitness gym this week. They are having a ball at the child's center. I am considering putting them in swim lessons(god help me lol) . I joined a one month free pass for the gym's weight loss group its ok but i think i could do more on my own. SO i will go and finish the month with them and see what or how i feel after wards.

As far as my weight loss its a stopping point right now. But its ok i have all summer to push my self i am setting a goal that by my birthday (July 22) i loose the 18lbs that i have to go to get to 200lbs. Can i do it i am going to give it all i got this summer to make it happen.

Good note or a WOW moment i have went down from a 32 in waist size down to a 18 waist size (workout clothes) . YIPPIE ME

Off to finish cleaning i feel asleep at 530 last night (guess i am tired lol) and just woke up at 2am so the house work i didn't get to do i am doing now lol .

Sweet Wed


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Wow 32 to size 18 in workout clothes, thats awesome, Congrats! Juliet I could use you at my house. I never get all the house work I want done. Bachelors pad, lol.

Emmett said...

Oh good luck with the test. I got lasik surgery done for my eyes, best invention ever!

Laurie said...

WOW is right, 32 to an 18, I wish. That is such an accomplishment, you should be so proud! I like the fact that you set realistic goals and that is what makes them achieveable and you successful!! Keep up the Good work!!