Saturday, May 09, 2009


This is my wonderful mom with all her kids but one(michael my nephew wasnt here that day) . My mom is my backbone . She would give a stranger her pair of shoes if they didnt have any. My kids just adore my mom. She is always there for them when they are hurt or need a extra minute with granny. My mom has taught me ALOT and i treasure every minute of it. She is my best friend i can tell her anything and she will give the best of advice. I LOVE YOU MOM Happy MOTHERS DAY your daughter Juliet

Do something special for your mother this weekend. She will enjoy it. IF its just a call saying how much you love her or a visit............Those memories will always be treasured in a mothers heart.


ps Oh yeah that picture of me (gray shirt) is way before surgery YIKES i look nothing like that so i guess i will take new pictures of me and mom tomorrow and post

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