Sunday, August 19, 2007

WOW what a summer, We had so much fun this summer and it was so good to just enjoy it and not really have anything planned. I love it when we just get up and say lets do this or that . Well kids are ready for schoool. Backpacks are packed and ready and my car is packed with all my classroom stuff. ANother year and i think it will be great. Bailey is getting tested on Sept 4th for three hours ( i think that is a little long but if it helps i wont fuss lol) so it will be me and him driving down to texas childrens YIKES. Say alot of prayers for me i HATE driving down town that early in morning and plus i am not sure where i am going lolol. Karley is doing well she is becoming so grown up . Well i hope you all have a great kick off for school starting and maybe when things settle i can post more . Enjoy your Sunday Love Juliet

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday love

Hey guys hope things are well . We have been having a great week with Hubby on vacation . Its so nice to just be together all day long (but i am ready for monday to get here lolol) . Well i honestly dont have much to say Guess we are so blessed this week that there isnt much to chat about . So i will end with Have a great week .

Love Murrays