Monday, December 22, 2008

Before liquids


Well Tomorrow (DEC 23rd) i will be longing for my father again on his birthday. He was my rock. I love him soooooooooooooo much that ever time i think of him (every day ) i shed tears. I will never ever forget my last moments with him. Sometimes we ask WHY and i have to tell my self never question the lord for he knows why and one day i will see my father again at those golden gates. I pray that what he has taught me as a adult i can instill it in my children and they can learn as much as i did from his up bringing. LOVE YOU DADDY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY )

Liquid DIET SUCKS i am basically starving still having the nightmares of getting protein drinks down my throat. ITS NOT as easy as some folks say it is . I pray my liver is shrinking because my nightmares of protein shakes aren't shrinking at all lolol. I am also on some meds to cure a bacteria that causes ulcers so please pray all this is gone and well on Sunday so i can wake up on Monday and be ready for the change of my life (surgery) .

I have a great support group person (he knows who he is ) . IF it wasn't for his support in this surgery i would of probably already given up . There has been many bumps in my process but i think all the bumps are clear now and i am head strong on this surgery .

Family is doing well Karley was throwing up last night . ARGGG hope she is the last to have this virus. Her birthday is on WED she will be 5 its like yesterday that i thought i would have to bury a child (they had lost her in the hospital ) but she came threw with flying colors. I LOVE YA KARLEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Well that's about all on updates


PS LOVE YOU DAD and Grandfather

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok you all know my story . Well when i knew the doctor's office sent in the claim to ins I called DAILY sometimes twice a day .............. YEAH I KNOW CRAZY but hey i was going to get this surgery some way aproved and if it took a cajun girl bugging the crap out of a ins company i was going to do it lolol. WEll i just checked the mail today and had a letter from ins sayingi was aproved for surgery HELLOOOOOOOOOOO i know this lolol.

But the best part (or to me it was )
In the fine print of the letter it said they dont cover plastics and good luck with my surgery.

at this point WHO CARES about plastics i just want the dang surgery lolol

So I AM OFFICIAL APPROVED so says the letter lolol


Monday, December 15, 2008

WHAT A DAY LOL 13 days and counting

Well today was the first day for the official liquid diet. Well it went SOME WHAT OK . But i will be bringing protein shakes with me to work tomorrow. I cant take these headaches anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i am enjoying this winter weather. What about ya? My kids love it too. Oh before i forget bailey is now a Wolf he got his badge tonight.

Well i must go crawl in my bed with this headache and i am freezing (i have the heater on lol) . YOu all stay WARM and COZY.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Small change of plans

I stoped liquids and start Monday 15th

THen here is my breakdown of exciting NEWS

Dec 15th start liquids
Dec 19th go see doctor and sleep guy

Dec 28th drink some NASTY stuff to clean my self out (GROSS)


Dec 31st come home

SO it will be a busy three weeks from now SO keep me in your prayers i cant wait for a NEW healthy ME


Monday, December 08, 2008


WOW i woke up in good mood until i saw the blender. I tried my protein mix with water yesterday it wasnt the greastest . This morning i tried it with Milk still not too bad but STILL its GROSS. I did get the 8oz glass down about 90% of it. Then i took vitamins with crystal light. I have 13 days to go . So i pray SOON i hear from ins and i can get threw these 13days.

Have a great day


Sunday, December 07, 2008

My journey is starting (liquid diet)

Well my diet has started. I get no more food not even a bite. I will starat my vitamins and protein meal replacements today . I am excited neverous and everything else that comes with it . i am hoping the two weeks will come fast and by DEc 23 i will be having my surgery . I am still waiting on INS but doctor doesnt seem worried about them saying yes. He said he will do surgery during the holidays (some doctoers wont) . I pray i am not too fussy while this journey goes. I will miss alot of my favorite foods but i know in the long run it will be worth it at the end.

I will be posting my before pictures soon . I am taking them today when it warms up .

have a great Day

ps 296.6

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Last Breakfast lol

Well i had my last Breakfast today lol. I had biscuts and gravy YUMM.

I am doing well i woke up with a sore throat and a very sore side (stomach) i think its from the EGD testing i had done yesterday .

Today i am cleaning house , wrapping gifts getting stuff ready incase i go into surgery early . I am hoping tohave surgery the Monday before Xmas YIKES .

THen later i will go get slippers and socks to put in my bag.

I am soooooooooooooooo ready can ya tell .
I am starting Protein tonight instead of monday so i can get the hang of things


Friday, December 05, 2008

ALL screens are done WOOHO

I have finished all my screens that were required for WLS. So now its a waiting game for ins to say YES................SO pray really hard THAT THEY DO . i am on some medication which prevents ulcers and acid problems. I also (i am gasping now ) will start my liquid diet on Monday .(doc said ) . So i am crossing fingers all is well . I pray the ins will find that i truly need this if i want a healthy life. I have tried every diet in the book and more and just nothing works for me. I feel this is the option that will help me and teach me a new way of living as well.

Thanks for supporting me in this surgery . YOu all mean alot to me


Monday, December 01, 2008

Dec 1st (count down time )

Good morning

I am well and kids are doing great. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. We did and had alot of laughs etc.

I go tomorrow for a heart ultrasound and then i have to go to two different doctors offices to get medical papers sent to my surgeon. THen friday i do the put to sleep and get a scope in your mouth thing and that will end all my screenings so i am hoping by friday or monday ins will be nortify and they will approve soon. SO please keep me in our prayers as i start this exciting journey Juliet