Monday, December 22, 2008


Well Tomorrow (DEC 23rd) i will be longing for my father again on his birthday. He was my rock. I love him soooooooooooooo much that ever time i think of him (every day ) i shed tears. I will never ever forget my last moments with him. Sometimes we ask WHY and i have to tell my self never question the lord for he knows why and one day i will see my father again at those golden gates. I pray that what he has taught me as a adult i can instill it in my children and they can learn as much as i did from his up bringing. LOVE YOU DADDY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY )

Liquid DIET SUCKS i am basically starving still having the nightmares of getting protein drinks down my throat. ITS NOT as easy as some folks say it is . I pray my liver is shrinking because my nightmares of protein shakes aren't shrinking at all lolol. I am also on some meds to cure a bacteria that causes ulcers so please pray all this is gone and well on Sunday so i can wake up on Monday and be ready for the change of my life (surgery) .

I have a great support group person (he knows who he is ) . IF it wasn't for his support in this surgery i would of probably already given up . There has been many bumps in my process but i think all the bumps are clear now and i am head strong on this surgery .

Family is doing well Karley was throwing up last night . ARGGG hope she is the last to have this virus. Her birthday is on WED she will be 5 its like yesterday that i thought i would have to bury a child (they had lost her in the hospital ) but she came threw with flying colors. I LOVE YA KARLEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Well that's about all on updates


PS LOVE YOU DAD and Grandfather

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