Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok you all know my story . Well when i knew the doctor's office sent in the claim to ins I called DAILY sometimes twice a day .............. YEAH I KNOW CRAZY but hey i was going to get this surgery some way aproved and if it took a cajun girl bugging the crap out of a ins company i was going to do it lolol. WEll i just checked the mail today and had a letter from ins sayingi was aproved for surgery HELLOOOOOOOOOOO i know this lolol.

But the best part (or to me it was )
In the fine print of the letter it said they dont cover plastics and good luck with my surgery.

at this point WHO CARES about plastics i just want the dang surgery lolol

So I AM OFFICIAL APPROVED so says the letter lolol


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