Sunday, October 26, 2008

list of fun things

Wow its been a long time since i posted. So much has been going on . here's my list. lol

We are all heathly and good.
We are enjoying the fall.(my favorite time of year besides spring)
Got Roof fixed WOOHOO
Now this weekend Russell is out side making me a back porch WOOHOO.
Next week is my skirting we are hoping to put on the house.
Then we plan on doing the door. Then i think all repairs or mostly done.
The diet is SO /SO . My stomach hurts more now then it ever has before i think. But i wont and will not give up i might have to eat different then the atkins require but i am going to work might not be over night though.
After a MONTH of going in circles we finally got the ins taken care of WOOHOO>
I went to the New kids on the block concert it was fun exciting .......but it felt really strange going after waiting for 15 years to see them live.

Scouting is going well . So far no problems and i think i have 8 boys starting this year. We are in the process of getting ready for our fishing derby and plus our group gets to camp afterwards . I cant wait

Karley Ann had her front tooth pulled out and doing well ...........Just hate the fact we have to wait for a couple of years to see teeth again lol

Took the kids to a Zooboo today what a blast we have ( i will post pictures soon on myspace)
This week i have planned

Monday teacher meeting with Bailey's teacher, Scouting
Tues work and Terminix is coming WOOHOO i cant wait
Wed i have a training to go to
Thurs i am off to go sit at a ard meeting for Bailey's speech then i am going to look for skirting

Friday ............Who knows thats too far i do need to go get a oil change
Party at Donna's house
Sat skirting on house (if we get it in time)

Sunday church and family

Well think thats about all to see up comping pictures of kids and zooboo you will have to go to my myspace

Love always

Thursday, October 09, 2008

list of fun things

WOW i got so much on my brain to share so i will make it short and sweet.

We are doing well .

Karley's surgery went well .

Bailey now has to have teeth work (does it ever stop they even talking about braces GOSH

My repairs are coming along

My diet (atkins) is doin so so but i am pushing my self to do it though . So i hope i see results showing soon .


Bailey is going to be in a parade sat will post pictures soon.

Ok think thats about all in the murray's


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Waiting on a Woman

Want to share something. I love this song by Brad P. For some reason it really touches me . It makes me think of my dad. And in my heart i feel he is waiting on us. I know deep down he is watching over me and my children. I hope you like it as much as i do .
We are doing all fine. Back in school and work. Karley will have her surgery this week so i am sad but its ok i will be a sport for her . She thinks its cool she will be lolol.
Have a great day Juliet

Sittin' on a bench at West Town Mall
He sat down in his overalls and asked me
''You waitin' on a woman?''
I nodded yeah and said, ''How 'bout you?''
He said, ''Son since nineteen fifty-two I've been
Waitin' on a woman.''

When I picked her up for our first date
I told her I'd be there at eight
And she came down the stairs at eight-thirty
She said, ''I'm sorry that I took so long
Didn't like a thing that I tried on.''
But let me tell you son she sure looked pretty
Yeah, she'll take her time but I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman.

He said, ''The wedding took a year to plan
You talk about an anxious man, I was nervous
Waitin' on a woman.''
And then he nudged my arm like old men do
And said, ''I'll say this about the honeymoon, it was worth it
Waitin' on a woman.''

And I don't guess we've been anywhere
She hasn't made us late I swear
Sometimes she does it just 'cause she can do it
Boy it's just a fact of life
It'll be the same with your young wife
Might as well go on and get used to it
She'll take her time 'cause you don't mind
Waitin' on a woman.

I've read somewhere statistics show
The man's always the first to go
And that makes sense 'cause I know she won't be ready
So when it finally comes my time
And I get to the other side
I'll find myself a bench, if they've got any
I hope she takes her time, 'cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman.

Honey, take your time, cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman...