Thursday, August 09, 2012

august (second week of menus)

HI folks

Here is what is going to be cooking up in our household next week ...

Monday King ranch casserole and salad

Tuesday chicken and bacon salads

Wednesday Sasauage and Potatos and cornbread and veggies

Thursday Easy grilled pork chops and grilled veggies

Friday chicken and rice and vegggies

Saturday Subs and chips (homemade)

Sunday Pizza pasta ??? not sure yet

also during the week we will be enjoying my homemade dill pickles that are ready to eat....they are yummy i will be canning again ..

Be blessed

Sunday, August 05, 2012

savings report for the weekend

Howdy folks

well didnt do much savings this week was busy painting karleys antique desk for her room

below is at family dollar

raid 3.00 had a cp 1.00

razors bic soli 5.00 cp 3.00

crystals 5.50 cp 1.00

advil 3.50 cp 1.00

cat food 3.00 1.00off

trash bags 5.00
karleys trash can zebra print 8.00

garnola bars 5.00 cp .50

all soap5.00

total is 40.00

cp for 5.00 off 25


total 30.50
if i didnt buy the trash can total for all the other items was 22.50

i didnt think this was too bad....

also got bubbles for karley at krogers for .50 best time to buy things like this or outdoor items is now cause stores are getting ready for hoildays items so they got to get the summer stuff out....

love juliet

ps if you have coupons you dont wont please send my way if you dont mine thanks

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

menu for week of aug 6-11 enjoy

Hey yall

Here is my menu for august 6-11 I have decided i want to be more orangized in my family life and by doing this it teaches both kids many skills as well. So here is the menu i have came up with for next week. I am doing this one very early since this is my first week of planning so this week this weekend i can go and buy all the things for the weekly food menu..

Take note there are only three of us at home right now and i am not working right now so once school starts i am hoping to start doing meals that i can freeze as well .



b pancakes and eggs

l sandwhiches and chips and fruit

d pot roast and veggies and garlic bread


b grilled cheese

l leftovers or popcorn (homemade)

d chicken tortilla casserole


b boiled eggs and fruit

l leftovers or popcorn

d chicken and rice in crockpot salad


b poptarts and fruit

l burger day (library day so we will grab a burger while we are out )

d lefter over day (or soup and salad


b eggs and sasauge

l chicken and rice leftovers

d goulash bread and veggies


b cereal and fruit

l pizza or leftovers

d chicken stir fry and salad


b bacon / eggs

l pantry day (what ever you find you can have day lol)

d sloppy joes fries and veggies

I will be putting this on the ice box so the family can see what they are having for meals...if they dont like it OH WELL lolol....

I am also planning to do menus on a budget but since this is my first week i am going to see how it goes first...

I hope this all helps or guides yall in your family kitchen