Friday, January 30, 2009

According to my scale this morning

yeah i have one of those scales i dont trust. But until i get a new one i will go by it. I get tired of going to moms to weight.

But according to my sale i weight 255 now and so my total lost so far is 41lbs.

ITS AWESOME feeling. I feel strange i have never or lets say dont recall being this small (yes its small compared to where i started )

WEll kids daddy is coming home today . THey are be sides them selfs .

OK off to warm up i am freezing

Happy friday

love ya

Thursday, January 29, 2009


YES thats right

Toda is ONE month out from having surgery. I feel great. I am fitting in clothes i never could before.

THings that i have notice in one month of surgery

I have a hip bone
I have a butt bone (yes i said that lol)
I am controling my eating now instead of my eyes controling what i eat

I have awesome angel who will drop what he is doing to cheer me up when i am crying from having food stuck . lolol

I have learned my kids drive me nuts asking MOM CAN YOU EAT THAT lolol

I am more active with my students (CONGA DANCE ANYONE LOL)

I am eating healthier things then ever before.

I have a awesome support group

I have lost about 35lbs since surgery and feeling AWESOME

have a awesome day


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jeans (i had for 3 years )

Jeans i never could wear after i bought them. Now after about 35lbs(est) i am wearing them and they are loose in the legs. (over look the top row of fat not sure where that came from because with my other jeans(capries) its not there lolol.

ALso i was bending down because my partner in crime >Mrs. Josie was taking the picture bless her heart she needs practice. lol


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Well monday was ok . We had scouts Bailey got his 6 arrow points YEAH . So he finished his wolf book . He was one of the first ones to do so . I also got my Tiger Den leader knot patch .

NOthing to post really i am just in one of my down moods. I know why but sometimes in life you just dont post it all over the world to know. (so dont ask because its personal things and some of you probably wouldnt understand lolol) But i am ok . Think my weight loss has alot to do with it . Still trying to keep food down. But it will get there .

Kids are well. We really dont have much going on this week. THe children's father is coming home this weekend so they will be busy with him. ALso Bailey has pinewood derby races this weekend.

Ok off to wake up kids for school


Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a weeekend (sat )

WOW i hurt so bad its not funny anymore lolol. My support group and me went walking on a unleveled track out in clear lake at some golf course. IT was cold and some times sprinkled on us but it wasn't going to stop us. (SO that was 2 miles we walked ) . Then i came home and my best friend keivn called and we (kids and me) went with him to the car show. Well of course its packed so we parked way out in space . Then we had to walk for ever to get to the reliant center. By the time we got to the show my legs were killing me . SO i walked for about 2ish hours then karley was getting sleepy so her and me sat down while the boys looked at the cars. Then we leave to go to olive garden.... it was full,then we go to pappesitos(spelling) it was we go south freeway that olive garden we ended up on 1-10 to that pappas by this time it was 9.00 karley is so sleepy she wouldnt eat her giant icecream she got. Bailey and me brought our food home . SO we slepted in this morning.

Today i am cleaning house and then we are going to los amigos to visit with my angel STEVEN (LOOK I SAID YOUR NAME LOLOL ) and Donna too so i can get our scout fair tickets stuff. (ANYONE WANT TO BUY TICKETS LOL)

Then i am coming home and resting . SO i hope you all had a great day .

SIde note i weight at moms on both of her scales one said same as last week and the other said 6;lbs less so who knows. I am going to get my a scale sometime soon and hope it will give me the right scale.

HAve a great weekend


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just bummed

Ok i am just down today. I am tired of not able to get food down. i will eat something chew it until its nothing and boom i am in pain and going to the bathroom to face the bottom of the trash can or toliet. I am fixing to just say forget food and just drink water the rest of my life. NO i am not saying i regret i had surgery its the best thing that could of happen to my body and me. But dang it its like nightmare figuring out what i can keep down and not. Its just driving me NUTS. So thats why i didnt post anymore menu's up this week because yall probably would of fussed because the things i have eaten probably dont even fill two large baby food jars. I know this is just part of the surgery process i must go threw but dang it i dont know what else to eat besides EGGS.

Guess i will start talking like a chicken laying eggs. lolol

Ok now since i fussed on here i feell better.................

Thank god my angel keeps my spirts up for me. He is such a great person. He knows what i am going threw so he can relate and tell me things. (yes i know some of you are on diets and i am sooooooooooo proud of you all but having wls is so much different then a diet plan or program. )

Well you all have awesome weekend I will be walking with my wls buddies in clear lake sat, hitting krogers sales, going to walmart and cleaning house what a weekend lol


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


YES i said that i can actually feel my hip bone. Its so weired because being overweight you cant feel anything like that. I am off to work today to see my wonderful angels(students) . Then i have a meeting tonight.

So here is my menu for today

Breakfast water , lunch meat ham(piece of it ) and some cheese

Snack water (peach)

Lunch Homemade chicken soup (my stepfather made for me YUMMY) ,

Snack Water and fruit cup (first day to try this so i am hoping it stays down)

Supper COD Fish with made up tater sauce (mayo with pickle relish and what ever else i can find.

I have learn when eating meats now i use about any type of sauce . I use to not do this so guess this will be something new to me now .



Ps KEEP OUR COUNTRY and leaders in your prayers ............the next four years

Monday, January 19, 2009

MY GOALS for wls

So i been thinking of goals for a while . Some folks do goals so they can work harder towards them to receive their goal reward.

So here are mine

loose 30lbs (one pound to go ) i want to get new bedding and pillows for my bed (wont be until next month but i am looking for colors etc now)


30lbs and i will treat my self to a girls days. (which i think my mom has plan for spring break )

When i loose 96.6 lbs i will be at 200
So when i get to 200

I would like to buy NEW clothes and bras lol (yes i said bras lol)

THEN for the BIG ONE when i loose the last 60lbs (i would be at 140then)

I would love to go to the beach with kids and spend the weekend out in the sun and enjoying the nature

SO thats my goals if i think of better ones or what not . I will change the above. But i am not a girl who likes alot of material things so i think the ones i pick are great.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

ok see told ya i didnt know what i was doing

Not sure why the pictures are so small . But the top one which should be at the bottom was taken today after 29lbs lost. The top i have on in the picture actually is too big on me now but i am going to wear my clothes until they fall off lolol.

happy sunday

29lbs (lost another pound)

here are some hospital pictures (friend sean took ) He went a little camera happy so i will bare some of the terrible pictures of me i looked like i was on drugs (well i was just the safe type lol)

Hospital stay pictures

Friday, January 16, 2009

Savings Report (krogers)

Went to Krogers and had a hand full of coupons

Total 79.00
Rebate visa card 50.00
Coupons and sales 21.59

out of pocket 7.41 WOHOOOO best shopping ever

got rolls for .64 can
minute rice cups .89
pizza rolls 1.00
soup think it was under .50cents

YEYYYAYAYA i was tickled

Thursday, January 15, 2009


WOW what a day. Went to walmart and while there Karley and me went to Mcdonald's to eat breakfast. Well, since i can eat chicken and eggs thats what i got. WELL i was threw about 3 bites (SMALL) and i started feeling like something was stuck and i couldnt eat. So we packed up everything and went to the bathroom.
WELL i will save you the details but i will say the toliet saw my face three times lolol. SO guess i wont be eating their chicken (breaded) any time soon.

I feel better after the chicken met the toliet. But I was scared i didnt know what was going on. So i had to call my angel and he reassured me i was ok .

SO still dealing with my back pain if it doesnt get better soon i will be looking for a doctor . I have always had back troubles (thanks to 3 shots and two spinal taps that went wrong in the past) but not sure about this pain its been four days now and its driving me insane.

Kids are well Karley is so excited we are going back to school i cant wait either.

Ok off to finish unloading stuff from shopping today .


ps over look my grammers i am typing this fast so i can get it done lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


You now rest in peace under the care of our lord. YOu have no worries now and you will enjoy life up in heaven now.
May you rest in peace.


Juliet , Karley and Bailey (my kids will sure miss you picking on them )


Well yesterday went to doc. I have lost according to his scale 28.8 lbs which is gone for life.

I am off my Blood pressure meds as well. I still take nexium and list of vitamins . So all is well. I am having troubles on eating still but that is expected. My stomach is learning all over again to accept foods and sadly some foods i just wont be able to eat anymore. But its ok iam sure i will eat new things that i have never ate before and will enjoy and be healthier.

This weekend not sure what we are doing since its so cold. I do know i will be hitting up Heb and Krogers for their AWESOME sales. ANd i am hoping i can go to the farmers market but not sure yet.

So thats about all i am feeling good besides a minor back pain . My clothes is fitting loose but not a whole bunch yet.

OK off to cvs to get back cream.

have a great weekend


PS i only got 67 lbs to GO BEFORE I REACH 200 WOHOOOOOO

Thursday, January 08, 2009

24lbs and going down WOOHOO

Post Date: 1/8/09 4:38 pm
OK i started my journey at 296.6 in dec
liquid diet two weeks day of surgery i was 276.
lost 20lbs with liquid

today i weighted at 272

i have lost a total of 24lbs so far

i am so tickled
i was sorta of down because i didnt see anything falling or moving or shaping on body so i was wondering and seconding my self (YES I know it takes time ) but i am always rushing to do things one day i i will slow down when i get young lolol

SO i am excited

its not much but its the first time in about 10ish year or less that i have weight this small

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Things i have noticed

Things i have noticed now since surgery is done.

My hands they look skinny and i can see my veins on top.

My calfs seem smaller

My clothes is fitting so much better.

I am not hungry anymore.

I am over coming the wants of foods i know i cant have.

My stomach is getting smaller .

My hair on legs etc arent growing as much now.

SO i guess with all that my body is getting ready to turn into a NEW JULIET>

I am so excited i cant wait to see the doctor on Tues.

have a great day

Monday, January 05, 2009

A week from surgery

Well today marks a week. At about this time (3:25pm) i was still in surgery . I cant believe how quick my process went to get this surgery . But don't worry i am not complaining lol.

Full liquid Diet is going well. I am getting use to it now. My cuts on tummy are drying and itching now.(driving me insane) I cant rub them etc. My bruises from the blood thinner shots are getting better. I am moving well ... though i do get sore and sometimes i sit and take a break. I started vitamins today so YEAH i am ready to start them .

Bailey goes back to school tomorrow ..............i wish i was i miss my classroom.

That's about it guys. I am still working on recipes etc. i cant wait till i start cooking again.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day 6 after surgery

WOW what a night i thought i would take that wonderful pain meds the doctor gave me to ease my soreness...................YEAH 2am wide awake so much for making you dizzy. lol

I am doing ok still very sore and got so many different feelings in my stomach feels like everything is moving . I woke up and ate my 1/2cup of sugar free pudding then waited till it was time to drink and drank some propel water then i waited (yes i get tired of waiting but i am getting use to it ) i had two or less spoons of broc and cheese cream soup and now i am stuff . IF you had told me a month ago i would get STUFFED on two spoonfuls of food i would laugh at ya lol. SO i will wait and then get more water down . I am moving around more today and picking up in the house .I start vitamins on monday per doc. My son is a trooper he is going to make some woman happy one day. He has done laundry for me , picked up, and now helping me around doing things . I

I am fixing to start posting my recipes that i am planning to try (this is what happens when you watch food network at the hospital for 5 days. I am wanting to start off cooking more at home and more healthy. I want to stay away from starches and sweets. You can live a healthy life with out junk food, fried foods, sweets. My kids will eat healthy as well as me . SO be watching for my recipes.
Can you guess what my first receipe will be lolol HINT OLIVES

Also i will be posting my coupon savings again. WE are going to start using them more strongly this year then ever before. SO if you have coupons you don't wont i will be more then glad to take them off your hands lol.

OK off to finish a few things and get my mail ready for the post office.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

HOME from surgery

Well surgery was not until 1pm ish and i came out of recovery around 5ish. I had some set backs i was not able to SIP a sip of water or i would gag ten times so The doctor took me off all liquids. We tried again on wed same thing so i was taken off AGAIN off of all liquids .

(at this time i wasnt the happy cajun girl i would normally be.) I guess you can say i might of been a little in the regretfull mood. I asked my self that night WHY did i do this ? Was this the right thing? IF its going to be this hard to drink what was the point. WEll of course i have great family and support angel and friends and if i want a longer life with them and my children then i had to do this FOR ME . I know what its like to be fat as a child and adult and i was tired and i didnt want to deal with that anymore. SO YES i know i made the right choice of having this surgery. I have a great doctor and a new support group family . So i finally hit a mile stone and was able to get things down on thurs (AMEN) and i came home to my wonderful kids and my home and i have enjoyed being home and just waiting for the healing process to end. I am eating creams of soups, liquids and cant forget the sugarfree popsicles lol. On 13th i go to the doctor and that will be the week i start blending foods to the texture of babyfood. I cant wait.

Heres my breakdown
Took me 4weeks to get all my screens done and aproved by ins
2weeks liquids diet
then surgery
Not everyones surgery will happen this quick but it can.

My weight status
started my journey with 296.6 (YIKES)
liquid diet for two weeks before surgery and the morning of surgery 276.0
i lost 20lbs on the liquid diet (yes i cheated on xmas day but i only had ONE teaspoon of foods at moms )

I am looking for a exciting 2009 and i hope your 2009 will be as great as mine.
May GOd bless you in everything you do


ps i do have surgery pictures but they will be posted later