Thursday, January 15, 2009


WOW what a day. Went to walmart and while there Karley and me went to Mcdonald's to eat breakfast. Well, since i can eat chicken and eggs thats what i got. WELL i was threw about 3 bites (SMALL) and i started feeling like something was stuck and i couldnt eat. So we packed up everything and went to the bathroom.
WELL i will save you the details but i will say the toliet saw my face three times lolol. SO guess i wont be eating their chicken (breaded) any time soon.

I feel better after the chicken met the toliet. But I was scared i didnt know what was going on. So i had to call my angel and he reassured me i was ok .

SO still dealing with my back pain if it doesnt get better soon i will be looking for a doctor . I have always had back troubles (thanks to 3 shots and two spinal taps that went wrong in the past) but not sure about this pain its been four days now and its driving me insane.

Kids are well Karley is so excited we are going back to school i cant wait either.

Ok off to finish unloading stuff from shopping today .


ps over look my grammers i am typing this fast so i can get it done lol

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