Saturday, January 03, 2009

HOME from surgery

Well surgery was not until 1pm ish and i came out of recovery around 5ish. I had some set backs i was not able to SIP a sip of water or i would gag ten times so The doctor took me off all liquids. We tried again on wed same thing so i was taken off AGAIN off of all liquids .

(at this time i wasnt the happy cajun girl i would normally be.) I guess you can say i might of been a little in the regretfull mood. I asked my self that night WHY did i do this ? Was this the right thing? IF its going to be this hard to drink what was the point. WEll of course i have great family and support angel and friends and if i want a longer life with them and my children then i had to do this FOR ME . I know what its like to be fat as a child and adult and i was tired and i didnt want to deal with that anymore. SO YES i know i made the right choice of having this surgery. I have a great doctor and a new support group family . So i finally hit a mile stone and was able to get things down on thurs (AMEN) and i came home to my wonderful kids and my home and i have enjoyed being home and just waiting for the healing process to end. I am eating creams of soups, liquids and cant forget the sugarfree popsicles lol. On 13th i go to the doctor and that will be the week i start blending foods to the texture of babyfood. I cant wait.

Heres my breakdown
Took me 4weeks to get all my screens done and aproved by ins
2weeks liquids diet
then surgery
Not everyones surgery will happen this quick but it can.

My weight status
started my journey with 296.6 (YIKES)
liquid diet for two weeks before surgery and the morning of surgery 276.0
i lost 20lbs on the liquid diet (yes i cheated on xmas day but i only had ONE teaspoon of foods at moms )

I am looking for a exciting 2009 and i hope your 2009 will be as great as mine.
May GOd bless you in everything you do


ps i do have surgery pictures but they will be posted later


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Glad your home and recovering!