Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Well monday was ok . We had scouts Bailey got his 6 arrow points YEAH . So he finished his wolf book . He was one of the first ones to do so . I also got my Tiger Den leader knot patch .

NOthing to post really i am just in one of my down moods. I know why but sometimes in life you just dont post it all over the world to know. (so dont ask because its personal things and some of you probably wouldnt understand lolol) But i am ok . Think my weight loss has alot to do with it . Still trying to keep food down. But it will get there .

Kids are well. We really dont have much going on this week. THe children's father is coming home this weekend so they will be busy with him. ALso Bailey has pinewood derby races this weekend.

Ok off to wake up kids for school


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