Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a weeekend (sat )

WOW i hurt so bad its not funny anymore lolol. My support group and me went walking on a unleveled track out in clear lake at some golf course. IT was cold and some times sprinkled on us but it wasn't going to stop us. (SO that was 2 miles we walked ) . Then i came home and my best friend keivn called and we (kids and me) went with him to the car show. Well of course its packed so we parked way out in space . Then we had to walk for ever to get to the reliant center. By the time we got to the show my legs were killing me . SO i walked for about 2ish hours then karley was getting sleepy so her and me sat down while the boys looked at the cars. Then we leave to go to olive garden.... it was full,then we go to pappesitos(spelling) it was we go south freeway that olive garden we ended up on 1-10 to that pappas by this time it was 9.00 karley is so sleepy she wouldnt eat her giant icecream she got. Bailey and me brought our food home . SO we slepted in this morning.

Today i am cleaning house and then we are going to los amigos to visit with my angel STEVEN (LOOK I SAID YOUR NAME LOLOL ) and Donna too so i can get our scout fair tickets stuff. (ANYONE WANT TO BUY TICKETS LOL)

Then i am coming home and resting . SO i hope you all had a great day .

SIde note i weight at moms on both of her scales one said same as last week and the other said 6;lbs less so who knows. I am going to get my a scale sometime soon and hope it will give me the right scale.

HAve a great weekend


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