Monday, January 19, 2009

MY GOALS for wls

So i been thinking of goals for a while . Some folks do goals so they can work harder towards them to receive their goal reward.

So here are mine

loose 30lbs (one pound to go ) i want to get new bedding and pillows for my bed (wont be until next month but i am looking for colors etc now)


30lbs and i will treat my self to a girls days. (which i think my mom has plan for spring break )

When i loose 96.6 lbs i will be at 200
So when i get to 200

I would like to buy NEW clothes and bras lol (yes i said bras lol)

THEN for the BIG ONE when i loose the last 60lbs (i would be at 140then)

I would love to go to the beach with kids and spend the weekend out in the sun and enjoying the nature

SO thats my goals if i think of better ones or what not . I will change the above. But i am not a girl who likes alot of material things so i think the ones i pick are great.


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Mrs. Sheila said...

I need to do the bra and undies thing and QUICK! I thought my undies were gonna fall of the other day running with the kids! Good thing though I had jeans on! :)

Good goals! You can lose up to whatever you want to! I know you can!