Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well yesterday went to doc. I have lost according to his scale 28.8 lbs which is gone for life.

I am off my Blood pressure meds as well. I still take nexium and list of vitamins . So all is well. I am having troubles on eating still but that is expected. My stomach is learning all over again to accept foods and sadly some foods i just wont be able to eat anymore. But its ok iam sure i will eat new things that i have never ate before and will enjoy and be healthier.

This weekend not sure what we are doing since its so cold. I do know i will be hitting up Heb and Krogers for their AWESOME sales. ANd i am hoping i can go to the farmers market but not sure yet.

So thats about all i am feeling good besides a minor back pain . My clothes is fitting loose but not a whole bunch yet.

OK off to cvs to get back cream.

have a great weekend


PS i only got 67 lbs to GO BEFORE I REACH 200 WOHOOOOOO

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