Tuesday, January 20, 2009


YES i said that i can actually feel my hip bone. Its so weired because being overweight you cant feel anything like that. I am off to work today to see my wonderful angels(students) . Then i have a meeting tonight.

So here is my menu for today

Breakfast water , lunch meat ham(piece of it ) and some cheese

Snack water (peach)

Lunch Homemade chicken soup (my stepfather made for me YUMMY) ,

Snack Water and fruit cup (first day to try this so i am hoping it stays down)

Supper COD Fish with made up tater sauce (mayo with pickle relish and what ever else i can find.

I have learn when eating meats now i use about any type of sauce . I use to not do this so guess this will be something new to me now .



Ps KEEP OUR COUNTRY and leaders in your prayers ............the next four years

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Glad you were back! We missed you, and I know your kids did too.

Can I ask why now add sauces? Does it help in aiding digestion, or you just like it now? Yeah, I am nosy.