Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day 6 after surgery

WOW what a night i thought i would take that wonderful pain meds the doctor gave me to ease my soreness...................YEAH 2am wide awake so much for making you dizzy. lol

I am doing ok still very sore and got so many different feelings in my stomach feels like everything is moving . I woke up and ate my 1/2cup of sugar free pudding then waited till it was time to drink and drank some propel water then i waited (yes i get tired of waiting but i am getting use to it ) i had two or less spoons of broc and cheese cream soup and now i am stuff . IF you had told me a month ago i would get STUFFED on two spoonfuls of food i would laugh at ya lol. SO i will wait and then get more water down . I am moving around more today and picking up in the house .I start vitamins on monday per doc. My son is a trooper he is going to make some woman happy one day. He has done laundry for me , picked up, and now helping me around doing things . I

I am fixing to start posting my recipes that i am planning to try (this is what happens when you watch food network at the hospital for 5 days. I am wanting to start off cooking more at home and more healthy. I want to stay away from starches and sweets. You can live a healthy life with out junk food, fried foods, sweets. My kids will eat healthy as well as me . SO be watching for my recipes.
Can you guess what my first receipe will be lolol HINT OLIVES

Also i will be posting my coupon savings again. WE are going to start using them more strongly this year then ever before. SO if you have coupons you don't wont i will be more then glad to take them off your hands lol.

OK off to finish a few things and get my mail ready for the post office.


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Happy Sunday to you too. You sound in very good spirits!