Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just bummed

Ok i am just down today. I am tired of not able to get food down. i will eat something chew it until its nothing and boom i am in pain and going to the bathroom to face the bottom of the trash can or toliet. I am fixing to just say forget food and just drink water the rest of my life. NO i am not saying i regret i had surgery its the best thing that could of happen to my body and me. But dang it its like nightmare figuring out what i can keep down and not. Its just driving me NUTS. So thats why i didnt post anymore menu's up this week because yall probably would of fussed because the things i have eaten probably dont even fill two large baby food jars. I know this is just part of the surgery process i must go threw but dang it i dont know what else to eat besides EGGS.

Guess i will start talking like a chicken laying eggs. lolol

Ok now since i fussed on here i feell better.................

Thank god my angel keeps my spirts up for me. He is such a great person. He knows what i am going threw so he can relate and tell me things. (yes i know some of you are on diets and i am sooooooooooo proud of you all but having wls is so much different then a diet plan or program. )

Well you all have awesome weekend I will be walking with my wls buddies in clear lake sat, hitting krogers sales, going to walmart and cleaning house what a weekend lol


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Mrs. Sheila said...

How about things like yogurt, puddings, jello, smoothies, milkshakes? Can you tolerate those things?