Thursday, January 08, 2009

24lbs and going down WOOHOO

Post Date: 1/8/09 4:38 pm
OK i started my journey at 296.6 in dec
liquid diet two weeks day of surgery i was 276.
lost 20lbs with liquid

today i weighted at 272

i have lost a total of 24lbs so far

i am so tickled
i was sorta of down because i didnt see anything falling or moving or shaping on body so i was wondering and seconding my self (YES I know it takes time ) but i am always rushing to do things one day i i will slow down when i get young lolol

SO i am excited

its not much but its the first time in about 10ish year or less that i have weight this small


Mrs. Sheila said...

Congrats! I am so stinkin proud of you! Keep to it and we may be walking in binkini's together just cuz we can! LOL

Mrs. Sheila said...

So, hows it going? The scale still moving in the right direction! How dare you not update us more often! Gawsh..... ( said in my most bestest Napolean dynomiate voice)