Thursday, January 29, 2009


YES thats right

Toda is ONE month out from having surgery. I feel great. I am fitting in clothes i never could before.

THings that i have notice in one month of surgery

I have a hip bone
I have a butt bone (yes i said that lol)
I am controling my eating now instead of my eyes controling what i eat

I have awesome angel who will drop what he is doing to cheer me up when i am crying from having food stuck . lolol

I have learned my kids drive me nuts asking MOM CAN YOU EAT THAT lolol

I am more active with my students (CONGA DANCE ANYONE LOL)

I am eating healthier things then ever before.

I have a awesome support group

I have lost about 35lbs since surgery and feeling AWESOME

have a awesome day


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