Wednesday, April 05, 2006

good morning

well its very early in morning sure alot of you are asleep but me and the kids are up and about already . getting ready for school . Well today i believe will be a better day why ? who knows. well wanted to say HI to my best dispatcher (russ's boss) dave he is such a sweetie he will do anything for me if i ask. He is one of those friends you only find once in a blue moon . Dave will bend over backwards for you . HI dave ( i know you are going to read this lol) i hope you have great day and weekend one day russell and me will come to rockwall to see you . You are truley a great guy and if it wasnt you at tse i think every wife would pull their HAIR out with tse stuff. well have a great day all i am off to teach my little ones love always juliet

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