Thursday, April 20, 2006

brokeback moutain

well karley is up at 2am just chatting away oh what fun lol. so i am going to put my two cents on the movie i watched last night.

A little history of my past when i was in high school i had this guy who we dated off and on for four years we were more like brother and sister and his family was like mine (just different in some ways) well when my dad died i had sent him a picture of a woman(funny picture) and he started questioning me why etc make story short he was gay . i was totally shock but i knew he was happy and he treated me with respect for the fact i didnt aprove of it but he also knew i was happy for him . and now we still are in contact with each other and he is actually graduating soon i am so proud and happy for him .

ok to the movie well it was a bit boring at the begining and i think there should of been more drama (is that the word) to it i know everyone lives a different lifestyle nowadays but sometimes i have this bug that says why are they doing this god doesnt have this lifestyle in the bible (adam and eve ) not adam and tom know what i mean . well it was a ok movie but its not one i would tell folks to watch and i sure wouldnt let my kids see it . ITs their choice in life to decide what their lifestyles are and i pray that they stay normal(adam and eve ) lolol but if for some reason they dont i will be a mother that i am and be right there by their side in all the things they decide to do . We cant tell folks what to do in life but we can show them the a direction to the right way and hope and pray they follow the bible's lifestyle. Like they always say theres a reason for everything and maybe one day we will know why we have crime, gay world, killing, hurricanes that take lifes etc but until then we must live the best we can and be happy with it .

OK no flames please this is just what i think and feel. i might be wrong or right but like i said this world is different in all areas of things and only god knows why .

I hope you all have a great day i am going to a meeting tonight for melelacua and then tomorrow i am having southren living party .
nothing planed for the weekend so you all have a great weekend if i dont get to see you online or talk to ya before .

good morning dave lol

love always
juliet (hugs for all)

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