Sunday, April 02, 2006

good morning

well i woke up showered, cleaned my washing machine and then bleached it cleaned wash room and picked up fed kids, folded clothes washing clothes put meatballs in the crocket pot . went and cleaned out car and then took it to get vacum and now back and listening to my cajun music like i do every sunday (I LOVE YOU DAD ) now later will be lesson plans stuff *(yep never done it yet lol i have until tues lol)
I went to hobby lobby yesterday and oh my gosh i fell in love with some childrens furniture that i had to have it so i got the princess chair, cabinet thing, stand up dressing mirror it was third off and i just look at the recipet and she didnt charge me right so i got a better deal then i should of gotten YAY . so i am happy i found it and so is karley her room is finally looking like a girls rooms ok off to clean my tires and dashboard bbl hugs jam

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